WATCH: Trump Use His Golf Swing As A Metaphor For His Penis (VIDEO)


During his victory speech on Saturday, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump once again felt the need to defend the size of his “manhood” against Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s “small hands” attack.


At his post-primary news conference, the billionaire bragged about how terribly the other candidates who attacked him have failed so far.

The Republican front-runner also unabashedly said, “So far, everyone who has attacked me has gone down.”

Trump then turned up the heat on Rubio, encouraging him to drop out.

“I would like Marco to drop out from the standpoint that I think Marco — now, look at how he did tonight — he’s in third and fourth,” the New York billionaire said. “And somebody was nice enough to say that even when I don’t win a state, I always come in second. That’s a big thing. Marco’s come in fourth. So, I think it’s time for Marco to clean the deck. I do. And I say that respectfully.”

It was after that point where Trump’s “respect” for Rubio came to an end. The billionaire took a question asking him to address the unpresidential discourse which took place this week between him and Rubio. Here’s a YouTube video of that exchange.

On Sunday Rubio fired back at Trump Telling CNN’s Dana Bash:

“I don’t want us to have a president that we constantly have to be explaining to our kids, ‘Look, I know that’s what the president did, but you shouldn’t do that.’ I don’t want that,” Rubio said.

“Donald Trump — he might have grown up the way he did, with a lot of money and going to boarding school. I can tell you this: Where I grew up, if someone keeps punching people in the face, eventually someone’s going to have to stand up and punch them back,” he said.

Cruz also defended his attacks on Trump.

“I didn’t get into this to beat up on other candidates, I really didn’t,” Rubio said. He ticked off Trump’s positions on Planned Parenthood, Israel and health care — and added that a year ago, he’d have wondered, “on what planet would that be the Republican front-runner?”

Meanwhile, there’s no word yet from Trump’s “club champion” on how he felt being put on the spot by his boss to defend the billionaire’s “long” and “strong” golf stroke.

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