BANNED: Wannabe Florida Senator Denied Entry Into Canada For His Shady Past


Augustus Invictus looks like a nice, clean-cut guy you might see anywhere around town in Florida, but Canadian authorities beg to differ. They have banned the Libertarian Senate candidate from entering our neighbor to the North because they say he tends to associate with the wrong kinds of people.

Invictus is seeking to replace 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio, and when Canada denied him entry, Invictus immediately fired off an angry press release, maintaining that the reason for Canada not allowing him into their country can be traced to his affiliation with neo-Nazis:

“Canadian Border Service then spent 3.5 hours investigating me. I was interrogated about my affiliation with neo-Nazis, about the charges of Fascism, and about allegations of racism.”

Doesn’t every country have a right to allow or deny any person from entering their territory if they so choose?

It should be noted that Augustus Invictus is indeed an attorney, and in 2014 he represented Marcus Faella, who just so happens to the former head of the neo-Nazi group American Front, a domestic terrorist organization that is on the FBI watch list. But to hear Mr. Invictus tell it, it’s all a big conspiracy:

‘I was a politician traveling to give a speech and yet they treated me like a gang member trying to run guns across the border. They said that no good could come of my entry into the country because violence would certainly ensue.’

Invictus claims that “communists” had planned to be in attendance at an event where he was scheduled to speak, and Canadian authorities feared there might be violence if they allowed the event to go forward as planned. Again, the would-be U.S. Senator from the Sunshine State blames everyone but himself:

“So I was prevented from making a speech because communists made threats of violence against me – and that seems to me to be ass backward. Clearly the Canadian government values the right of violent protest for communists more than they value the right of free speech for all.”

This is hardly the first time Mr. Invictus has been in the headlines: Just last year, he also admitted that he’d sacrified a goat to “the god of the wilderness” and even drank its blood as part of the ceremony.

Yet he wonders why the Canadians don’t want him in their country? Gee, can you imagine why they might feel that way?

Here’s a look at the neo-Nazi movement in America:

Featured Image Via Invictus for Senate