BREAKING: Michigan Precincts Conveniently RUN OUT Of Democratic Ballots Only (VIDEO)


The polling stations in Grand Rapids, Michigan mysteriously ran out of Democratic ballots today after an unusually high voter turnout for the Michigan Primary. One might assume that since this is one of the most important elections in American history that the precincts would ensure that there were more than enough ballots available, just in case…

However, that’s the opposite of what we are seeing across the country. And while, to conservatives, this anger over a lack of an ability to vote Democrat is nothing more than a liberal smear tactic, liberals are up in arms about this obvious attempt to silence them.

Many people called in to WZZM from Precinct 3 in Plainfield Township, and the calls were less than positive in nature. A precinct official reported:

‘There was some sort of miscommunication between the Kent County clerk’s office and this particular precinct, reports WZZM’s David Bailey. Democratic ballots destined for this precinct were sent to another by mistake.’

Multiple people were turned away from the polling station for hours, and told to try returning later to see if the problem had been fixed. This wasn’t the only faux pas that occurred. Apparently precincts 24 and 25 at Wyoming’s Bethany United Reformed Church also ran out of Democratic ballots for about an hour.

County clerks in various counties have reported the highest voter turnout in decades, proving this to be one of the most influential presidential campaigns ever to exist. People all over the country are turning out just to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t become the next President of the United States.

A Muskegon City Clerk said they saw 3,000 voters in a one-hour period today, this in comparison to 2,500 last November, and 1,800 last August for the entire day. This is just the beginning of the electoral excitement that we will be seeing this year. No matter which Democrat gets the nomination, liberals must unite against Donald J. Trump for president.

Video courtesy of WZZM: