SHE SPEAKS: Melania Trump Now A Secret Campaign Partner


Who is this beautiful woman Donald Trump has kept mostly hidden from the general public? No, it isn’t his daughter, although she is 20 years younger than Trump. It is his third and current wife, Melania. Now that Trump is edging closer to the possibility of becoming the GOP presidential campaign candidate, let’s take a look at his oh-so-much better half.

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Melania Trump Campaigning For Donald Trump. Image by Marc Nozell via Flickr, under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License.

Melania was born in Slovenia. When she was just five years old, she wanted to be a model and found herself on the runway. At 17, famous Slovenian fashion photographer Stane Jerko discovered her, and the rest is a really fortunate. Jerko said this about her:

‘Those eyes, those cheekbones!’

Melania posed for “Sport Illustrated” and “Vogue” and everything in between. Recently, she told the New York Post about her adventures:

‘My mom loved fashion. We loved to travel and go to Italy and Paris.’

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Melania met Donald at a Fashion Week party in 1998, but she was already dating someone:

‘He wanted my number, but he was with a date, so of course I didn’t give it to him.’

Instead she took his number. She wanted to know whether or not he would give her his business number or his private number. When a guy will not give a woman his home phone, that is a warning flag. Donald surprised her by giving her all of his numbers:

‘The office, Mar-a-Lago [Florida], home in New York, everything.’

But why isn’t Melania more visible during Donald’s campaign? She says:

‘I’m choosing not to go political in public because that is my husband’s job. I’m very political in private life, and between me and my husband I know everything that is going on. I follow from A to Z. But I chose not to be on the campaign. I made that choice. I have my own mind. I am my own person, and I think my husband likes that about me.’

Donald had four children when he and Melania married. They are Donald Trump, Jr., 38, Eric, 34, Ivanka, 32, and Tiffany, 22. They have one son together, Barron who was born in 2006.

The couple married in 2005 at Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida resort. Her gown took “1000 hours to make…sewing 1500 crystal rhinestones and pearls.” The guest list included everyone from American Idol judge Simon Cowell to the Clintons. No shrinking violet, Melania told Howard Stern that she and Donald have sex “at least once a day” and “sometimes even more.”

She studied design and architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and speaks five language: English, French, German, Serbian, and Slovenian. Melania has her own jewelry collection and a line of skin care products.

Melania campaigned for Donald Trump in 2000, when he campaigned for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party, a center-right party. The New York Times reported in 1999 what kind of role she would take in a Trump presidency. Melania said:

‘I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy. I would support him.”

Featured Image: Boss Tweed via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

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