Super PAC Supporting Ted Cruz Gets More Than Half Their Funding From This Source


Texas Senator Ted Cruz loves portraying himself as an outsider as he seeks to win the 2016 GOP nomination, which seems a bit odd when you consider that Cruz is a sitting member of the United States Senate, the ultimate insider’s club in Washington, D.C.

And Cruz is a true Washington insider in other ways, too: He accepts massive campaign contributions from lobbyists, especially those who represent the fossil fuel industry. In fact, Cruz has received more than $25 million – directly and indirectly – from the energy lobby. And 57 percent of the money in the Super PACs created on Cruz’s behalf have come from interests aligned with the fossil fuel business.

Since his arrival in the Senate, Cruz has been one of the most ardent and vocal deniers of climate change science, calling it “not science” and classifying it as “religion.” Considering how much Cruz loves to thump the Bible as he seeks to draw evangelical Christians to his campaign, the irony of calling science a religion is not lost on those who study the serious problem of climatology. Jesse Coleman, a member of Greenpeace, commented:

‘Ted Cruz’s complete denial of climate change science is perfectly in line with the business interests of his biggest funders. These fossil funders have made denying climate change and ignoring scientists a prerequisite for being a Republican candidate.’

When not raking in millions of dollars from energy lobbyists, Cruz is also enriching himself personally via his support for the fossil fuel industry: Fossil fuel investments make up anywhere from 15.8 to 22.7 percent of his personal assets. You don’t suppose the Texas Senator would attempt to influence legislation so he could add to his own personal wealth, do you?

None of this is to meant to suggest that Cruz is the only Republican who accepts huge contributions from those connected with the energy industry in this country. Marco Rubio has also taken more than $7.7 million from the fossil fuel sector. And Donald Trump, who loves to brag that he is self-funding his bid for the White House, has investments in the fossil fuel industry, including a $250,000 stake in TransCanada Pipelines, which sought to build the Keystone XL pipeline across the United States.

Are we to believe any of these candidates will not dance to the tune played by the energy lobbyists who can help them as they seek the Oval Office? You can bet they will be only too happy to do as told.

If you want to know more about the connection between the money contributed by the energy lobby and Cruz’s constant denial of climate change, watch this report: