BREAKING: MTV Reality Show Star Alleges Trump Guilty Of ‘Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, And Forced Labor’ (VIDEO)


Jen Marden, a participant of the reality show “Girls Of Hedsor Hall,” alleges “abuse, civil breach of contract, and potential criminal offenses.” Trump Productions, LLC and MTV produced the eight-episode fictitious ladies’ finishing school show. Miss USA Tara Connor hosted the show.

Marden contacted Occupy Democrats when she learned of Trump’s success in running for president, saying she tried to leave the reality show for health reasons:

‘It was really bad..It was filmed in London & in our contract it said any participant can leave whenever they want so when I got assaulted & asked to leave the show the producers told me leaving will be kinda hard considering we have your passport!!…And that was just the beginning.’

Marden continued:

‘I was forced to pick up the dead birds and…defeather these birds. I was in hysterics & did not want to do it but the teacher, Ms. Shrager forced me down and made me pluck the feathers and then went so far as to rip it’s head off in front of me splattering me with Blood and feathers.’

‘I was assaulted by an English Count, sleep deprived, malnourished because of inadequate food intake due to my hypoglycemia and anemia and fell unconscious during production in London. Upon my arrival home, I was hospitalized and fell unconscious for two days and was informed by the doctor that I ‘most likely would have died’ if I stayed any longer. I have the hospital records available for you upon request.’

Marden alleges two other women are willing to go public:

‘One of the girls attempted suicide a week before the show, and…she was still forced to participate on the show…Another girl was suffering with back pain, but…she was forced to participate in strenuous activities on the show. As a result, she had to have major back surgery immediately following her arrival at home.’

The producers eliminated Marden for “handing out drugs” which she says “is completely slander.” She also claims the network refused to pay for her NYU Medical Hospital in Manhattan, NY, expenses.

When the show aired, Marden says she was “getting death threats every day for about a month & MTV did nothing to stop it.”

The women signed a 37 page entertainment contract under California law that read:

‘I understand that…I am free to leave the Living Space at any time.’

Marden insists:

‘…Security guards that were stationed outside each of our rooms. We did not have our luggage & they took my prescription medication away…we could not leave our rooms AT ALL.’

When Occupy Democrats contacted UK Employment Barrister (labor lawyer) Keith Webster, he expressed concerns of a criminal violation of the UK’s kidnapping, false imprisonment, or forced labor laws based upon Marden’s detailed account:

‘From what I have been told, this situation raises not only questions of US contract law, but it raises questions of whether criminal offenses in the UK have been committed, for example false imprisonment, kidnap or possibly forced labour.’

Scotland Yard’s press bureau’s Alan Crockford agreed withholding passports to force a theatrical performer to stay on set, when that person wished to leave was “highly unusual”:

‘Most forced labor cases involve workers in low-wage fields or women smuggled across international lines for prostitution.’

Marden must contact the Thames Valley Police as the local agency with jurisdiction to file any complaint. But she has not done so, indicating she would contact them to explore her options and nothing more.

According to Occupy Democrats, Marden says “emotionally I’m still scarred from that experience.”

Check out Trump’s “The Girls Of Hedsor Hall” in the video below:

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