Megyn Kelly On Hillary Clinton: At Least None Of The Republican Candidates Are “Facing The Threat Of Indictment.”


In a recent interview between Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Schultz commented that the GOP debates have become so vulgar that they should come with a parental advisory warning. The conversation then quickly became tense when Kelly criticized Wasserman Schultz for her comments. Kelly’s comeback, reports Mediaite, was to point out, in a not-so-subtle jab at Hillary Clinton, that none of the Republican candidates are “facing the threat of indictment.”

Taken aback by Kelly’s statement, Wasserman Schultz insisted that no one on the Democratic side is facing such a threat. Kelly, however, then mentioned the ongoing an investigation into Clinton and her emails. Wasserman Schultz’s reply was a simple, “Let’s not be melodramatic.” Kelly then responded, “How is that melodramatic? Those are the facts.”

Kelly was not wrong when she says that it is a fact that there is currently an investigation into Hillary Clinton. However, she certainly was being generous when she compared her to the Republican candidates and implied that they are all trustworthy little angels.

Kelly said of Donald Trump that no one is investigating him for a crime and that ” No one’s even suggesting he may be guilty of a felony.” She seems to have conveniently forgotten the lawsuits against Trump University. There are also the discrepancies between the amount of wealth Trump claims to have and what he actually has. The latter might not be a criminal charge, but it indicates a trustworthiness issue nonetheless, something Kelly seems to think doesn’t exist for Republicans.

Kelly also either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that Hillary Clinton is not the only Secretary of State under investigation. There are actually Republican secretaries who are also being looked into for their questionable emails, including Colin Powell and Condaleezza Rice. Of course, since these two politicians are on the same team as Kelly, she has no problem conveniently leaving them out of her attack to make it seem like only Democrats are untrustworthy.

Watch things get heated between Megyn Kelly and Debbie Wasserman Schultz below, courtesy of New Park via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.