Lawmakers Come Down With Stomach Bug After They Legalize Raw Milk (VIDEO)


Yay! Let’s toast West Virginia lawmakers! They legalize raw milk, just before it becomes controversial. Before now, the state’s folks had to snag the homogenized stuff off of the store shelves. So raise a mug of the foaming white, newly available elixir in celebration! There is but one problem, and it is a really, really big problem.

The delegate who brought raw milk in for the celebration may have made several lawmakers sick. Or, maybe it is just a coincidence, and the fault lies with a stomach bug making the rounds. The delegate who sponsored the bill, Scott Cadle (R) brought in the drinks to share.

Delegate Pat McGeehan (R) said:

‘[Cadle] caught me in the hallway, offered a cup to me, and you want to try to be a gentleman. I had a small sip and walked away and tossed the rest of it.’

Sen. Robert Karnes (R), the sole sponsor of the bill, said that West Virginia’s regulations on raw milk were some of the tightest in the nation. He continued:

‘There is some risk, but there’s risk in a lot of things in life. Everything has some danger associated with it and we shouldn’t be the nanny of everyone who’s a willing participant.’

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) are investigating, but some of the sick lawmakers adamantly support raw milk. McGeehan said:

‘I highly doubt raw milk had anything to do with it, in my case.’

Raw milk is defined as milk from cattle, sheep, or goats that has not been pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria. One of the problems with raw milk is that the dairy process of collecting milk must be meticulously clean.

Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said:

‘I still have concerns. When you listen to the health experts, there are people who do become ill sometimes because of tainted raw milk that has not been pasteurized. I would just caution anybody that you should know the source of your milk, that it’s safe and clean before you drink it.’

Anyone who ingests raw milk or foods prepared with raw milk can risk harmful bacteria. This bacteria is dangerous to people with weakened immune systems, children, older adults, and pregnant women.

The WV Gazette reported that there were lawmakers who became ill, even though they did not drink the raw milk.

‘A lot of people get sick every year we go down there. They call it the Capitol crud.’

Check out the video about West Virginia’s raw milk concern:

Featured Image: fdecomite via Flickr, Creative Commons License

H/T: WV Gazette