Rachel Maddow Verbally Dissects Donald Trump, Blames HIM For Inciting Violence


Rachel Maddow is less than pleased with Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s complete lack of regard for all of the violence and hatred surrounding him and his campaign events. Throughout his entire campaign, wherever Trump goes there tends to be a mass of violent supporters, protestors being jostled around, and idiotic comments and belief systems. Trump and his mass of followers are all a huge joke and completely disregard others.

Media Matters posted Maddow’s script while hosting on MSNBC in which she explained,

‘This is a classic strong man political tactic that we are used to seeing in other countries but not our own. Certainly not in the last 50 years or so, in which political events are generated to bring violence at the edges into the center. So that violence at these events, which may start organically, is in effect spot lit and encouraged to the point where it becomes something that is legitimately out of control of anyone. And then the spectacle of political violence is itself seen as something that is a problem that needs to be solved by this strongman character who incited the initial event in the first place.’

Trump is reverting back to dark times in American history where violence was over looked. He and his supporters take it upon themselves to rob others of their rights, and treat those with varying opinions like the scum of the earth. The acts on protestors at Trump events are atrocious and those involved truly are despicable feeble minded beings.

Raw Story comments on the event in Chicago with,

‘Trump said the rally was canceled because of concerns over attendees’ safety while also claiming that he did not mean to provoke violence at his events. But local police said in a statement on Friday night that they neither told him there was a safety issue inside the venue at the University of Illinois-Chicago nor that he should postpone the rally.

The Republican front-runners’ remarks also run counter to documented instances where his supporters have attacked non-violent demonstrators.’

Trump is in over his head with this one. While he claims to not want to provoke violence, he has made it clear that he believes police officers and security at his events should stop being so nice and rough the protestors up a bit while escorting them. Trump believes America is becoming too politically correct and there needs to be change. This is the exact mindset of many other fascist leaders that used extreme force to get their ideas across.

Watch Rachel Maddow’s explanation below.

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