VIDEO: Trump Fans Get Ugly With St. Louis Rally Protesters


During a rally at the Peabody Opera House this afternoon, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump egged on the crowd of 3,000 while at least half a dozen protests broke out, interrupting his speech.

‘”This is more exciting than [just] having a speech,” Trump joked to the crowd during yet another of the altercations. The regular interruptions and removals of protesters, he quipped, were “beautiful, it’s like intermission. Was that exciting? You had a good time, right?”

At the same time, he lamented that, because of criticism by the media — “The most dishonest human beings on Earth . . . the worst” — protesters had to be treated gently. The police, he said, “are being politically correct, so it takes a little longer. The protesters realize there are no consequences anymore. Our country has to toughen up, folks.”

He added: “It would be so nice . . . ,” leaving the rest of the sentence to the crowd’s imagination. “I won’t say what’s on my mind, folks. I’m a nice person, I refuse to say.”‘

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, at least 32 people were ejected from the rally while Trump flirted with an endorsement of lynching — to the delight of attendees.

While receiving Ben Carson’s endorsement earlier today, Trump once again spoke approvingly of violence against people who disrupt his events and claimed they were the ones being violent. His campaign has become markedly more aggressive in recent days, with campaign manager Corey Lewandowski allegedly roughing up a reporter for Breitbart.

Taking cues from their beloved reality show star, Trump’s supporters cursed and threatened protesters outside the event today as they filed in. MSNBC journalist Trymaine Lee tweeted this video of a young white male strutting like a rooster to display his eagerness for violence:


Junius Randolph, Digital Producer for the Post-Dispatch, took this video of activist Anthony Cage being led to an ambulance after being bloodied in a confrontation. Cage, who was not arrested, was free to go after his injuries were treated.

Lachlan Markey of the Free Beacon, a right wing website, shared this video of a young white Trump fan shouting “F**k you, whore!” at a female protester.

The New York Daily News says that Trump is scheduled to hold another large rally in Chicago tonight, and that Black Lives Matter activists intend to protest the event.