Donald Trump Caught Faking Video That Accuses Protester Of ISIS Association (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is either really smart or really stupid. The supposed millionaire just tweeted a video of the protester who literally made him soil his pants yesterday when he rushed the stage of a Trump rally in Dayton, Ohio. Trump was visibly shaken, almost knocking over the podium when hearing the ruckus Thomas Dimassimo was creating behind him. Secret Service members rushed in and surrounded The Donald, thankfully saving him from a not-so deviant deviant.

Chants from the crowd included: “Kick his ass, Donald,” “Motherf*cker,” “Fat ass,” and “Rip his f*cking hair out.”

Once the man was in custody, Donald said to the crowd:

“I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it.”

The crowd roared in approval, despite the fact that The Donald was nowhere near ready for him and clumsily almost knocked the stage down in a panic just trying to turn to see what was happening.

Donald Trump accused Thomas Dimassimo, of being “ISIS-related” simply because he knows what kind of uneducated hillbillies follow him just because of his hatred of Muslim people. While Donald Trump may be an abominable public speaker and on-the-spot thinker, he knows what it takes to keep the masses begging at his feet for more of The Donald Springer Show.

Yesterday afternoon, after changing his shorts, Trump tweeted this video, which had been hijacked from Dimassimo’s YouTube page. The video appeared to have been shot by #NotMyFlag protest members, which Dimassimo was a part of. While the protesters were standing on American flags, this protest was in no way meant to take away from the honorable act of fighting for this country.

In the original, unedited version of Dimassimo’s video, there is nothing ISIS related. However, after one of Trump’s voluntary slaves was finished with it, it had a new soundtrack and included new images. Once again, Trump banks on the fact that his followers are too stupid to investigate the things he says. Since Trump associated Dimassimo with ISIS yesterday, the internet has been buzzing about it, with people practically quoting Trump verbatim.

Donald Trump is no longer only trying to endanger the lives of innocent Muslims, he is now falsely identifying random Americans who battle against him as people associated with one of the worst terrorist organizations this world has ever seen.

Check out Donald’s Tweet below: