JUST IN: New CBS ‘Battleground Tracker’ Poll Of Ohio Shows A Dramatic Shift


According to Sunday’s CBS News “Battleground Tracker” poll, GOP longshot candidate John Kasich is tied with Republican front-runner Donald Trump in Kasich’s home state of Ohio as the state’s primary looms just around the corner, Tuesday.

Pollsters noted as well that whether one looks at that old political cup as half empty or half full has a lot to do with who Ohio voters are likely to support. Those supporting Kasich are more likely to believe the economy has improved, whereas Trump voters are angry the economy still can’t get it up. They long for a long, hard, throbbing economy they believe only Trump can deliver. To them, Kasich is just… flaccid.

Kasich, of course, needs a full-out win in Ohio to keep his 2016 presidential aspirations alive.

Over in Florida the Ohio governor faces a very different story, too, as he has elsewhere, so Ohio needs to count. In Florida, Trump still allegedly commands a 20-point lead at 44 percent. His closest competitor is Ted Cruz at 24 percent. Rubio ranks in at an astonishingly low 21 percent for his home state.

Notice Kasich isn’t even mentioned. He is ranking that low in Florida. Ohio is his entire campaign right now, and it’s neck and neck.

The Tracker pollsters also stated Kasich’s success, Tuesday, will likely depend heavily on voter turn-out. The Hill states, “his backers are most likely to say they are interested in the race because Trump is running.”

There is a glimmer of hope for Kasich, however. The “Battleground Tracker” poll has an error margin of 4.4 percent in the Buckeye State, which could, possibly work in his favor. You never know, right? Additionally, a RealClearPolitics poll, the Hill reports, puts Kasich 2 points above Trump in Ohio.

After the amazing, record-breaking win in Michigan by Bernie Sanders recently, perhaps even making true political, national history in its magnitude, John Kasich has every reason to have faith that anything is possible this election. He’s holding on by a wing and a prayer. He’ll find out soon enough if those wings have been clipped.

Featured image by Michael Vadon via Flickr, available under Creative Commons license.