Trouble In Kansas City: Police Pepper Spray Donald Trump Protesters


Just one day after Donald Trump protesters in Chicago managed to shut down the Republican candidate’s rally, protesters in Kansas City were treated to faces full of pepper spray, courtesy of Kansas City police, when they showed up to protest Trump, reports US Uncut’s Nathan Wellman.

It seems Kansas City police had no qualms about dousing protesters, and, as usual, the accounts of affected protesters and the police do not exactly match up. Journalist Josh Helmuth said of the incident, “They didn’t care if you were on the sidewalk or on the street, they sprayed everyone down a long radius.”

The Kansas City Police, via Twitter, have made it seem as if they used pepper spray as a last resort, on just a couple of rogue protesters. “We had to use pepper spray 2 times outside Trump rally and arrested 2 people who refused to follow law.”

Video footage suggests something different, though. Again, no surprise that the police’s behavior does not line up with what was captured on video. Also, no surprise that they don’t care. The videos taken by protesters and later posted on Twitter show that the police were not exactly careful when it came to using their pepper spray. Maybe they only did two actual rounds of spraying, but several officers had cans of spray and it is likely that hundreds of protesters were affected, making their Twitter statement definitely seem like a downplaying of the situation.

In this video below, also from Twitter, it is clear that police weren’t exactly in danger when using pepper spray either. When arresting a protester, a police officer leaned in to spray extremely close to the man’s eyes. The man’s hands were already behind his back.

Helmuth expressed his gratitude that he was not as seriously affected as some of the other protesters present. “I’m just very thankful I didn’t get the brunt of it I know some people had to have. Again, not sure what happened, but we’re gonna try to get out of this area.” Based on video footage, it really does appear that the police just decided to attack, to start spraying a substance that can cause serious damage, without provocation.

To donate to the bail fund for the arrested Trump protesters and help support them for attempting to stand up to Donald Trump, click here.

Featured image is a screenshot from Twitter.