BOOM: North Carolina Police Considering Charging Trump With Inciting A Riot


Authorities in North Carolina are reportedly considering filing charges against Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for “incitment of violence” following the incident in which a black protester was sucker-punched by one of the GOP front-runner’s supporters. That violent action brought cheers from the crowd.

During the rally in Fayetteville, the protester was assaulted as he was escorted from Crown Coliseum by police. The man was then put in handcuffs, but later, the authorities arrested the perpetrator of the assault after video of the incident was released.

Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office investigators said Monday that they are considering filing a charge of inciting a riot against Trump, according to WRAL.

North Carolina law defines a riot as “a public disturbance involving an assemblage of three or more persons which by disorderly and violent conduct, or the imminent threat of disorderly and violent conduct, results in injury or damage to persons or property or creates a clear and present danger of injury or damage to persons or property.” Inciting a riot is a misdemeanor unless the disturbance causes serious injury or more than $1,500 in property damage, when it becomes a felony.

To justify his actions, Donald Trump called the man who sucker-punched the protester is a real American who loves his country, then went on to suggest that he’s considering paying his legal fees.

Trump has further denied the idea that he incites or even condones violence at his rallies, calling the events “love fests.”

“We’re not angry people. We’re good people,” he said of his supporters. “We’re just tired of a government that is run incompetently.

After arresting 78-year-old John Franklin McGraw, Sheriff Earl “Moose” Butler called the attack cowardly.

“No one should be subjected to such a cowardly, unprovoked act as that committed by McGraw. Regardless of political affiliation, speech, race, national origin, color, gender, bad reputation, prior acts, or political demonstration, no other citizen has the right to assault another person or to act in such a way as this defendant did,” said Sheriff Earl “Moose” Butler.

However, McGraw said he enjoyed punching the protester. He even took it a step further, telling a reporter, “Next time, we might have to kill him.”

The violence we are witnessing in this campaign cycle only happens at events for Donald Trump. No other candidate, just Trump.

Words have consequences. What Trump is doing is no different that yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater. Although, it might be worse. He’s gone on to threaten to send his supporters to rallies of Bernie Sanders. We don’t think he’s thought this out.

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