Donald Trump Supporter Drops Acid And Goes Totally Crazy At Rally (VIDEO)


By now, we all know that Donald Trump rallies are the places for the violent bigots of the country to be. Apparently, they are also there for the impassioned acid-droppers. A man, whose friend confirmed that he was high on LSD, was caught on video having a complete meltdown when he learned that the Chicago Trump rally had been cancelled. The man, whose name has not been revealed — for his sake, it’s probably best that it remains under wraps — later took his rage to the streets, with a seemingly never-ending stream of F-bombs and middle fingers.

Because the exchanges in the video become difficult to understand at times, it can’t be determined¬†exactly¬†how many times in the minute-long video the man shouted to the crowds of people present, “F*ck you,” but it’s safe to say the number goes well into the double digits.

The acid-dropping screamer, decked out in a bandanna and a T-shirt that read “Trump: Finally Someone with Balls,” also took a break from his favorite phrase to scream at protesters outside the arena, “I am f*cking white!” Then his friend, presumably trying to protect the man and get people away from him, can be seen and heard in the video telling the people around them, “He’s really f*cked up” and “He’s on acid.”

The man who decided it was a good idea to attend a Trump rally while on an acid trip may have taken inspiration from Reddit user flipper8088, who did the same thing, detailing the results in a post entitled “Went to a Donald Trump speech on acid SUPER BAD VIBES.” Flipper8088 describes what it felt like to hear Trump speak while on acid, something the man discussed above missed out on:

‘You know how sometimes YOU have “moments of eternity” on LSD. Yeah well that was happening all night, the speech felt like it kept looping over and over and over and over and over. Muslims this, guns this, illegals that, something about Hilary Clinton being disgusting by using the restroom. Then every 5 minutes after a bold statement, the crowd erupts into mindless cheers and applause. Endless time loop.’

Who knows if the most recent Trump-supporting acid-dropper would feel the same as flipper8088 after hearing the Republican candidate speak? All we know for sure is that he was really, really angry.

Watch the video below, courtesy of The Video Catalyst Project via YouTube.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.