Trump Wants To Send His Supporters To Bernie Sanders’ Rallies, But He Can Hold His Own


In the wake of the recent bouts of violence at Donald Trump’s rallies, in addition to blaming Bernie Sanders for starting the commotion, Trump has also threatened to send his supporters to Sanders’ rallies. Sanders, who has denied the Republican front-runner’s accusation, likely won’t be deterred by some Trump supporters. He has taken them on in the past, and won.

When a heckler tried to challenge him at one of his rallies at the University of Massachusetts in January, Sanders had the perfect response. The man, decked out in a Donald Trump t-shirt, interrupted Sanders when he was speaking to the 3,000+ crowd by yelling “Shame on you, Bernie!” What exactly Bernie should have been ashamed of is unclear, but, knowing that the heckler is a Trump supporter, it’s probably something ridiculous and illogical.

Sanders responded by heckling right back. “Here is a Trump supporter worried about Mr. Trump’s money.” The heckler was then removed from the auditorium by Sanders’ staff, amidst chants of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.”

Sanders then proved to be a much classier candidate than Trump, who tends to respond to hecklers and protesters by expressing a desire to punch them, or encouraging his supporters to beat them up. Sanders used Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric, which is the draw for many of his followers, as a teaching opportunity, encouraging his supporters to avoid scapegoating minorities.

‘We all know people are angry and they are upset for a lot of good reasons. But what we have got to do is not let Trump and these other people divide us up. Latinos who are picking tomatoes for eight bucks an hour are not the reason that the middle class of this country is disappearing. Muslim kids who are going to schools studying to be engineers are not the reason we have income and wealth inequality.’

Donald Trump is nothing more than a bully, which he’s proven again and again. He has tried to intimidate Sanders, along with pretty much everyone else involved in the 2016 presidential race, but, as his behavior back in January shows, Bernie Sanders will not back down.Watch Sanders take the heckler to task below, courtesy of LesGross2015 via YouTube.

Featured image via AFGE/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.