Hillary Clinton Caught On Hot Mic Telling Chris Matthews What She Really Thinks About Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton has a reputation for being one of the most disciplined and guarded politicians ever to run for office. However, someone has leaked an off-camera exchange between Clinton and MSNBC host Chris Matthews talking about the Republican race, and, in particular, the GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

On Monday, during a commercial break, while taping an MSNBC town hall special, Clinton and Matthews engaged in a bit of small talk.

Clinton opined on how the media covered Trump way too much and even speculated about the motives of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of the brash billionaire.

Here’s a transcript of their exchange.

‘You guys can’t stop covering him,’ Clinton said told Matthews. ‘He is a dangerous presence.’

‘It’s just like candy by the bushel.’

Matthews followed up by acknowledging that his network has ‘progressive leanings, obviously.’

‘But nobody can tell what people want to watch,’ he said. 

‘People must think they want to watch him,’ Clinton replied.

‘They laugh at him,’ said Matthews.

The subject quickly turned to Christie, and Clinton wondered: “Why did he [Christie] support him [Trump]?”

Matthews explained that Christie and others who support Trump “want a future” politically.

‘Did he [Christie] have a debt?’ Clinton mused.

Matthews added that New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, a Democrat, “isn’t going anywhere,” which leaves Christie “nowhere” to go in New Jersey politics.

‘I don’t think he would win right now,’ Clinton chimed in. 

‘I don’t think he can win as a Senate candidate either,’ Matthews agreed.

The two chatted and chuckled about “Tommy Smothers” and “Ed Sullivan” for a minute more.

The audio cut out just before Clinton could answer Matthews’ final question: “Did you watch the end of Downtown Abbey?”

Here’s a YouTube video containing only audio of their exchange.


This audio was a rare behind-the-scenes opportunity to listen to a political media personality and a presidential candidate says things that they may not say on the air.

However, keep in mind that even during their exchange, Clinton still maintained her guard by not offering any explosive or incendiary comments about her Republican rival. However, it’s unclear if she would have speculated on air about Christie’s motivations.

After this incident, you better believe the Clinton campaign will be checking for “hot mics” on every program their candidate’s on from here on out.

 Featured image Screengrab from YouTube.