Pranksters Troll Fox News — Makes Them Report A Fake Story About Nazi-Style Trump Armbands (VIDEO)


A guerilla comedy duo known as The Good Liars has managed to embarrass Fox News. Davram Stiefler and Jason Selvig are the professional pranksters who managed to trick Fox News’ Carl Cameron into reporting that Donald Trump supporters are now wearing Trump armbands. The same two men have also pranked other candidates such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton. You can read more about those exploits here.

The comedy duo also pranked Trump in the past by going to Trump Towers in New York City with hard hats and bricks to build a wall around Trump’s building aimed at keeping the “assholes out.” Eventually, Trump’s security put a halt to the prank and called the police.

Take a look at this Mediaite YouTube video of the initial Fox News report.

No one at Fox News even noticed the semblance between the Trump armband and the Nazi apparel it was modeled after. See Below.

trump armbands
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After learning about the prank Fox News made sure everyone know they’d been punked with this update via Mediate YouTube video.

Reflecting the absurdity of politics has become more important than ever in today’s society. Comedy programs like the Daily Show, Real Time, Last Week Tonight, as well as an assortment of late night shows, help Americans laugh out their frustrations but also think about meaningful messages and analysis they don’t hear from “serious” news media outlets.

Lizz Winstead, co-creator of ¬†“The Daily Show” said this regarding the impact comedy has within politics back in 2008.

‘I’m not sure it affects politics as much as it certainly does. I think the three things you laid out, it certainly can reinforce some things people are thinking. I think that it can engage people in thinking about politics. If you can disarm someone with humor, normally, they think, you know what? I might like this person. This person seems kind of nice. They generally might at least listen to your point of view rather than shutting you out. And I think that – I just think it’s a good way to approach sometimes even really tough issues, because you can get people engaged in a conversation through humor.’

After he had wiped the egg off his face, Cameron struck a sanctimonious tone declaring that Fox News won’t participate in “making Trump look bad,” and criticized the pranksters¬†stating that they have a “terrible sense of humor.”

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