BREAKING: Workers At Florida Polls Caught Hiding Democrat Ballots In Closet And Turning Away Voters


According to WFLA, a couple in Polk County, Florida was nearly turned away from the polls on Tuesday morning when they attempted to vote.

Theresa Wilbert told WFLA News 8 that she and her husband “would have been turned away if we weren’t forceful about it” after showing up at her resident polling station, Precinct 321. She told reporters that “a woman who was in charge told [her] that it was a closed Republican primary and it was not for Democrats.”

Several Democratic voters were almost turned away from the polls at that location as it opened on Tuesday morning. According to Wilbert, “not one person sitting at that table questioned the fact that there was no Democrat ballots on the table.”

“We pushed it a little further and the lady called a few people,” she added. “Finally, she looked in the bottom of a closet and found a box with the Democratic ballots. Then they fixed it. So we were able to vote for our candidate.”

WTLA later reached out to Lori Edwards, the Polk County Supervisor of Elections, to find out what happened.

“The worker was counseled. But, the truth is, no voters were turned away,” said Edwards. “It was a mistake. It was an unfortunate mistake and it got corrected immediately.” Edwards also told reporters that the incident is being looked into, and they have no reason to believe it has happened at any other locations. As of now, no-one is in any kind of trouble.

But Theresa Wilbert remains upset about the situation, and a little suspicious. She told reporters “I think it’s terrible. And I think people that aren’t educated, or don’t know what’s going on, might have just voted for whoever. It’s suspect.”

Watch the report from WTLA News 8 below.

Image courtesy of Pixabay, available under a Creative Commons license.