Russell Brand Rips Donald Trump: ‘He’s Like A Big Rich Baby. I Just Want To Breastfeed Him’ (VIDEO)


For some reason, the reality star presidential candidate Donald Trump feels he needs to feud with comedian Russell Brand. “The Trew News,” Brand’s highly popular video blog (vlog), gives the comedian a lovely opportunity to hit Trump where it hurts. Apparently, that is anywhere on anything the billionaire feels is a personal insult, no matter how small.

After a six-month hiatus, Brand came back with full force in a new short video, “Trump-Pixar-Hitler Or Aged-Baby?” The stand-up comedian slipped his well-sharpened dagger right into the real estate mogul. We see Brand reading things others have may have said about his anti-Trump stand.

‘Russell Brand says Donald Trump’s hair is the real reason he opposes wind farms.’

The audience eats it up. Brand explains that Trump has taken up an ongoing feud, which is surprising, given that he is running a mega-corporation and running for the Republican candidate for president.

Brand shows a video of Trump attacking him and asking:

‘What the hell was Katy Perry thinking marrying him?’

Brand uses the most effective tool that exists against Trump. With the real estate mogul showing in the background, the comedian went on:

‘I like him cause he’s like a big rich baby. I just want to breastfeed him. Come here you silly c*nt, have a bit of t*t-milk.’

Trump is such a baby. Every time he doesn’t get his way, he throws a great big baby tantrum. Oh sure, he doesn’t lay down on the floor, but he figurately screams, cries, and throws his whole body about until he gets his way.

Then, Brand starts criticizing Trump for the way he speaks about women, and the dialogue gets sharper. In August, when Trump unfairly attacked Fox News debate moderator, Megyn Kelly, Brand came to her defense:

‘I find Donald Trump objectionable, and I am not menstruating.’

The other thing is, Trump holds a grudge forever. If, God forbid, he ever made it to the White House, which in all likelihood, he would gilt in gold, Trump’s day would probably go something like this:

‘0600: Comb and spray hair
0900: Finish with hair, off to Oval Office.
0905: Stand on Oval Office, which he has plastered with full-length mirrors, and bask in his reflection.
1000: Phone Brand and give him a hard time about his baby comments.
1030: Watch a loop of Brand’s video blog calling Trump out.
1100: Phone Brand and give his voice mail a hard time about his baby comments.’

You get the idea.

So, is Trump a pixar-Hitler or an aged-baby? Well, as a reminder, Pixar is that computer animation company that put out “Toy Story” and “Ratatouille.” Given that, Trump is most likely both a pixar-Hitler and an aged-baby.

Good for Brand dragging Trump out from under the rock where he lives and bringing his stupid reality president act into the sunlight. The only thing that Trump is good for is providing comedians and writers a wealth of material.

Check out Brand’s Anti-Trump “Trew News” video below:

Featured Image: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Raw Story.