UNBELIEVABLE — Watch Florida Cop Enforce Donald Trump’s Racist NO BLACKS policy (VIDEO)


Once again, we see a glimpse of Donald Trump’s America with yet another video featuring racism at a Trump rally. Over the past year, minority protesters have been the targets of intimidation, harassment, and physical violence at racist Trump Rallies.

On Monday, a YouTube video was posted by a man identified as Bob Smith who recorded a disturbing incident outside of a Trump rally in Boca Raton, Florida. Smith recorded Boca Raton Sheriff’s deputies telling a group of black protesters that the Trump campaign did not want them inside the venue.

One black woman was wearing a head covering, and the officer told her that she and her group can go to the designated area across the street and protest. Here’s a transcript from Raw Story of what happened next.

‘We have tickets to the event,’ the woman explains.

‘That does not matter,’ the officer replies.

‘But you don’t even know that we’re here to protest,’ the woman notes.

‘Does not matter,’ the officer insists.

‘So, she’s black and she’s wearing something on her head and she has tickets and you’re not letting her in?’ Smith interrupts.

‘Where did you hear me say that?’ the officer asks. ‘The campaign has told us they don’t want them on the property.’

‘What if I have tickets?’ Smith presses. ‘I’m here to protest. And I have tickets.’

‘Okay,’ the officer shrugs.

‘So he gets to go in?’ the woman says as Smith walks past the officer into the Trump event.

On man is heard replying “Wow…” as Smith walks by the officers and into the venue.

Here’s the YouTube video.


Often, white people are shocked when they actually see their white privilege as clearly as Smith saw his.  Here’s what Smith wrote about the incident.

‘FACT: If you are young and not white you have a good chance of being turned away from a Trump rally.

The Miami Sun Sentinel confirmed that more than 24 non-white ticket holders were turned away before entering the Boca Raton Florida Trump rally 3-13-16. That’s what they confirmed. We believe that number is much higher.

The voice you hear questioning the police officer is mine. I am white. He let me pass even after I told him I was here to, “protest”.

We want to know if the Sheriffs took it upon themselves to stop young people of color from entry or were they ordered to do so by the Trump camp and/or Federal Law Enforcement? The Sheriffs tell the press to ask the Trump camp. The Trump camp tells them they we need to talk to the Sheriffs. This is a convenient ploy to dodge the question.

I call upon the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to issue a public statement regarding their agreement with the Trump camp on this specific issue.

Note- I hold no rights to this video. It may be distributed as you see fit.’

Some people commented that Smith, too, was stopped by police at the end of the video. However, Smith replied that he was allowed to go into the event, and the last frame of the footage was just him putting his phone away.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube video.