Bill Passes In This Red State That Will Legalize ANY Form Of Discrimination


Why is it that the Republicans name things the exact opposite of what they actually do? Probably, they believe the public is too stupid to figure out their dirty little trick, but we are onto them. In Georgia, the legislature has come up with a real doozy, they call the Religious Liberty Bill. This “freedom of religion” bill is about religious freedom, for all Christians, that is.

The bill, which passed Georgia’s state legislature this week in an 11th-hour vote prior to the Easter holiday, allows faith-based organizations like churches or religious schools to bar anyone they don’t like.

The bill is sitting on Republican Governor Nathan Deal’s desk awaiting his signature. The governor said he won’t sign a bill filled with discrimination, but he isn’t responding to media requests right now, either.

This atrocious bill lets faith-based groups discriminate against hiring or keeping any employee with a different religious belief. This includes same-sex couples’ services and events.

Other states have attempted to pass similar bills, but they faced such public criticism, the bills were withdrawn. The Human Rights Campaign represents the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community and released a statement on the Alabama law:

‘The decision by the legislature today was to make an egregious and discriminatory bill even worse.’

‘It’s appalling that anti-equality extremists in the legislature are trying to ignore the will of the people of Georgia’

Lobbyist and Georgia Baptist Convention spokesman Mike Griffin is happy with the bill’s progress:

‘We feel we’ve advanced our protection of our First Amendment Right to religious freedom.’

‘Our rights of religious liberty don’t end inside the four walls of a church.’

Over 300 large corporations and small business signed a pledge against the Georgia legislation, asking Georgia’s legislature to withdraw the bill. Companies like Delta Airlines and Coca Cola have put their weight behind the pledge.

In a last-minute amendment, the legislature added verbiage to the bill stating it cannot be used to discriminate for any reason already prohibited by federal law.

One of the excuses that religious groups use to okay discrimination is:

‘Georgia has a different culture.’

Georgia’s legislature recessesion Friday. Let’s hope Georgia’s lawmakers come to their senses.

Featured Image: Elvert Barnes via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Raw Story.