WATCH: Anonymous Releases Donald Trump’s Social Security Number, Personal Information


The ubiquitous collective Anonymous promised to wage a ‘total war’ on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and if the information in the pastebin is correct, the hotel magnate will be having a very bad day. However, this is a different Operation than #OpTrump.

Counter Current News reports that Donald Trump’s social security number was released as well as his cell phone number and other private details about the GOP front-runner.

Dumping personal information on the Internet is commonly referred to as d0xing and if the info is accurate, Anonymous just d0xed the f*ck out of the bombastic billionaire. We’re wondering if the GOP front-runner will threaten to sue the masked collective, whose identities are – wait for it – Anonymous.

Counter Current News reports:

Anonymous Red Cult – the originators of #OpISIS, #OpAnonVerdict and a number of other prominent operations – have a long history of going after people who they view as oppressive, in one way or another. They tell us that this is a “narrowing of focus” on Trump, and that it is just the beginning.

#OpWhiteRose was launched, referring to the resistance against the Nazi Third Reich. Anonymous reportedly told Counter Current News that a the group has emerged and chapters across the United States have been formed.

Watch, uploaded by Maj Houl:

The narrator in the video states in part, “One candidate in particular, Donald Trump, has set his ambitions on the White House, in order to promote an agenda of fascism and xenophobia, as well as the religious persecution of Muslims through totalitarian policies.”

“This candidate has openly promoted violence against peaceful protesters, and his words have even been considered as possibly illegal incitement to violence and rioting by law enforcement,” the statement in the video continues.  ‘Members of the military and law enforcement – even Secret Service – must remember their oaths to defend the Constitution itself, and the nation, against enemies “both foreign and domestic.”’

“Donald Trump is an enemy of the Constitution and the natural rights it enshrines. His rallies are filled with brazen hatred, racism and violence,” the Anon in the video states.

“Imagine if the people of Germany – Jews, Communists, the Roma people (“Gypsies”), and all others targeted by the Third Reich – had risen up against Hitler during his failed campaign for office in 1932?,” he asks.

The end of the pastebin is the kicker:

To show that we are very serious about stopping any proposed Fourth Reich by the fascist Donald Trump, we have attached a “gift” of sorts: Trump’s social security number, cell phone number and other details that might be able to assist you all in independently investigating this would-be dictator. These are provided for informational purposes only. Do with them what you will, bearing in mind that you alone are responsible for your actions.

Donald Trump, you should have expected us.

To be clear, I did send out a message to a few Anons I’m familiar with in order to find out if the information dump is accurate but there hasn’t been a response to my inquiry yet. So the information in the pastebin cannot be confirmed by us at this point.

Image: Twitter.