Anonymous Responds To Secret Service Investigating Them For Releasing Trump’s Info


On Friday the Secret Service said it is investigating along with the FBI after the collective Anonymous claimed to have hacked into the personal information of Donald Trump, however, most of those details have been previously released. We’re not sure how the authorities will track down the ubiquitous masked Internet collective.

“The U.S. Secret Service is aware of the Internet postings of Candidate Donald Trump’s personal information. We are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in this matter,” Secret Service spokesman Martin Mulholland said in a statement, according to Politico.

#OpWhiteRose was launched in an effort to fight Fascism in America, with Trump’s social security number and cellphone number dumped on a pastebin. The group uploaded a video on YouTube video posted Thursday blasting Trump for “an agenda of fascism and xenophobia, as well as the religious persecution of Muslims through totalitarian policies.”

“This candidate has openly promoted violence against peaceful protesters, and his words have even been considered as possibly illegal incitement to violence and rioting by law enforcement,” the narrator in the video continues to say, in part. ‘Members of the military and law enforcement – even Secret Service – must remember their oaths to defend the Constitution itself, and the nation, against enemies “both foreign and domestic.”’

Politico reports:

The video featured links to pages with personal information in the description, including Trump’s Social Security number and contact information for his residence and agent, though at least some of the information appears to be out of date. The cellphone number listed was already reported on by Gawker last August, with Trump himself later inviting people to call it to hear a campaign message. POLITICO called the phone number on Thursday and was sent straight to voicemail.

The White Rose Society responded to the Secret Service’s investigation of the Anons on Facebook:

FBI and Secret Service, i will save you the time since you have announced your investigation into Anonymous doxxing Trump: the people you are looking for don’t even live in the United States. Pack your bags if you want to continue the hunt. Other than that, U.S. citizens have only reported on what they have done. To date, there is still freedom of the press, even though Trump would no doubt love to bring that to an end.

The group’s Facebook page description reads, “The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a resistance group in Nazi Germany. Today it has reformed to stop a FOURTH Reich, led by Donald Trump.”

In addition, the group writes, “Each individual chapter is self-initiated and autonomous, so long as the words and deeds of those working in the name of the chapter are consistent with the overarching theme and mission of the White Rose Society.”

“We have united – as Muslims, Christians, Jews and people with no religion and every religion – to fight against injustice wherever we find it,” the description continues. The group also states that they are neither ‘left or right’ leaning.

The group’s page was closed yesterday but it’s open today. I doubt they are concerned about the investigation.

I ‘liked’ the page yesterday. The Facebook page has grown from just a couple of hundred members yesterday to 6,412 likes as of writing this post.

Image: Twitter.