WATCH: Fox News Hosts Lose Their Sh*t After Anonymous And Others Attack Donald Trump (VIDEO)


The Fox and Friends show on Fox News continues to strive for journalistic excellence as they race to get on their knees and satisfy their golden goose, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, the hacktivist group known as “Anonymous,” announced its official declaration of war on the bombastic billionaire.

‘Your inconsistent and hateful campaign has not only shocked the United States of America—you have shocked the entire planet with your appalling actions and ideas,’ the speaker says, ‘This is a call to arms.’

‘We need you to shut down his website,’ the Anonymous rep continues. ‘Research and expose what he doesn’t want the public to know. We need you to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand.’

Soon after, the hacktivist group made good on its word by releasing what they claimed to be Trump’s personal information online, which included his cell phone number, Social Security number, as well as contact information for family members and campaign staff.

Fox host Ainsley Earhardt described the attack as “jaw-dropping.”

‘This is ridiculous,’ Earhardt said. ‘You know, this is not how democracy works. You’re posting someone’s Social Security number?’

Neither Ainsley nor any of the other hosts mentioned the time when Trump released South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s personal cell phone number back in July of 2015. Here’s the YouTube video of that incident.

In the video Trump has glowing words for Fox and Friends, describing Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck (former host) as “great people.”

Trump also released his phone number in a campaign ad after Gawker published it online.

‘These guys are terrorists,’ said co-host Kilmeade of the Anonymous hackers. ‘Well, one day they’re hacking ISIS, the next day they’re hacking who they think is the enemy of America, and that is the Trump family.’

Kilmeade also warned of another Trump “attack” soon to take place in New York City’s Columbus Circle.

‘Apparently, this is an outfit — it’s a pro-soccer group,’ said co-host Steve Doocy. ‘It’s called Cosmopolitan Antifascists here in New York City.’

Doocy mentioned that the protest was also scheduled on the same day as a pro-immigration rally in Phoenix, Arizona, which was being organized by a group linked to Black Lives Matter.

‘What they say on their Facebook page is “Trump’s policies threaten many of us in the black, Latino, LGBT, Muslim and other communities,” and they say come to Columbus Circle, which is on the West Side of New York City, and then we’re going to march over to the Trump Tower to let him know that hate does not work,’ Doocy reported.

Earhardt disputed the group’s claims, referencing racism expert Bill O’Reilly’s assessment of the “Trump racism” issue.

‘Many people are calling Donald Trump a racist, but he says you’re not a racist if you are claiming that legal — or illegal immigrants need to come into this country the right way,’ she said. ‘Just because you are against illegal immigration, doesn’t mean that you’re a racist — it means you want individuals to get into this country the right way. Follow the rules.’

Doocy insinuated that Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration was only rooted in upholding the rule of law. Doocy said,

‘A country needs to have borders.’

Doocy then made a clumsy segue into another story describing it as “one other hack of sorts,” involving Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump. He said that Eric Trump received a suspicious parcel containing an alarming note and white powder. Doocy said,

‘They don’t know exactly what the white powder was, but clearly someone is trying to be a wise guy,’

Kilmeade linked the incidents as part of a disturbing trend.

‘It’s just amazing,’ Kilmeade said.  ‘We’re just trying to show you nothing in particular except for a trend — a trend is from the left, from the right, from the hackers, from the protesters. Donald Trump is under attack, and believe it or not, it’s not just coming from the left. It is coming from the right. I mean, there are emergency meetings in Washington among people that have got to find some way to stop Trump.’

Earhardt claimed the attacks on Trump just show “how scared people are.” And Kilmeade reasoned that these attacks will only strengthen Trump’s support among his supporters.

‘One hundred percent,’ Earhardt said. ‘I mean, how far will people go to stop the frontrunner? This is the guy that people are going to the polls to vote for. Listen to the people.’

Here’s a YouTube video of the segment.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube.