After Arrest For Child Enticement, Drug Charges, Republican Rep. Officially Resigns


Earlier this month, Republican New Hampshire state representative Kyle Tasker was arrested on three different drug charges and one count of using a computer to lure a minor. After news of Tasker’s behavior and arrest was released,  House Speaker Shawn Jasper called for his resignation. Tasker officially complied and has resigned from his position, reports NECN.

Jasper had more to say about the case after calling for Tasker’s resignation. He told NECN about Tasker, “We don’t elect them, we try to do the best we can when they get here.” Tasker was apparently known for showing up to sessions smelling strongly of alcohol and sometimes marijuana. This isn’t much of a surprise, considering Tasker once revealed what seemed to be his own personal stash of edibles and paraphernalia during a hearing regarding cannabis legalization.

It’s clear that Tasker was more of a hindrance than a help to his colleagues and the people of New Hampshire. His resignation, despite its unfortunate circumstances, was likely reason for the rest of the House to breathe a sigh of relief. They are still left to deal with the ramifications of his choices, though.

Democratic Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff said about Tasker’s actions and arrest, “I am really disappointed for the citizens of New Hampshire, because it brings discredit to the House.” At the same time that Shurtleff feels disappointment for the citizens of New Hamshire, he hasn’t forgotten that they — at least some of them — are the ones who elected Tasker into the House for three terms. He also followed up his statement, saying, “I would put the burden somewhat on voters,” Shurtleff said.

With the Kyle Tasker debacle in mind, Jasper and Shurtleff are encouraging voters to put some work in before casting their votes. Jasper said to voters, “Know who you are voting for, know their history, what they’ve been doing and saying.” Tasker’s seat will remain open until elections in November, so the people of New Hampshire have plenty of time to study up and, hopefully, elect someone next time who isn’t going to commit the same — or worse — faux pas as Tasker.

Watch Jasper’s call for resignation in the video below, courtesy of WMUR-TV via YouTube. The video also details more of Tasker’s questionable antics.

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.