Cop Accused Of Punching, Slapping, And Filling 7-Year-Old Girl’s Mouth With Soap Arrested (VIDEO)


A deputy serving as a jailer in Florida’s Pasco County Sheriff’s Department stands accused of punching, slapping, and severely beating a 7-year-old little girl. 29-year -old Robert Ferguson was arrested on Thursday and is being charged with abuse after authorities say he “intentionally and willfully committed a battery upon the victim.”

The child told investigators on March 13, Ferguson filled her mouth with liquid soap as punishment for lying to him, after that she told police he threw her onto the couch and began to spank her backside with his hand. The girl said he then snatched her from the couch and threw her onto the floor, where he proceeded to slap her on both sides of her face. She said Ferguson also started striking her with closed fists, before choking her neck and beating her some more.

It’s unknown at this time whether or not Ferguson is the girl’s biological father, and it’s unclear whether or not he was working when this incident occurred.

The girl’s 4-year-old sibling was the one who came forward to report the abuse, but Ferguson denied any wrongdoing and said he just gave the girl a spanking.

Investigators say they found evidence to the contrary. They say the girls lower back, neck, face, and forehead displayed visible red bruises, and a medical examination confirmed that the girl’s injuries matched her testimony.

A doctor told investigators that the girl had bruises under both eyes, which correspond to injuries resulting from being choked. Also, the bruising on her forehead was consistent with injuries that could be sustained from being hit with a closed fist.

Ferguson told police that the girl sustained her injuries from a shopping cart accident. However, doctors believe the injuries were “without a doubt from a violent and severe beating about the face as well as choking, which is exactly as the victim reported it occurred.”

“He should be shown no mercy; he’s been terminated and arrested. He’s no longer a member of the sheriff’s office,” Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “This is an angry individual who was taking out anger on an innocent little kid. He should be in jail and should probably go to prison for the crimes that he committed against this poor child.”

Here’s a news report via YouTube of this story.

Featured image Screengrab via YouTube video.

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