Daughter Of State Representative Attacks Mother’s Opponent


Politics is rough business. Just look at the Trump and anti-Trump supporters with their shoving and pushing. It is a good thing that Jeb Bush, brother of president 43 and son of president 41, got out when he could, because it looks like violence in the political world is expanding to include family members. The daughter of Illinois state Representative Cynthia Soto is as violent as they come.

Soto’s daughter Jessica, 26, and her boyfriend Bradley Fichter (26) attacked one of her mother’s former challengers. She has been charged in connection with “the brutal beating” of Robert (Bob) Zwolinski, who lost the race for 4th District Illinois House seat.

Jessica Soto allegedly went to Zwoliniski’s campaign headquarters in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village and violently confronted him and his supporters. He says, he saw a man and a woman stapling incumbent Cynthia Soto posters on the building, that he rented for his campaign.

Zwolinski asked the two to stop, but the conversation escalated. Jessica Soto allegedly “kicked, choked, and hit [him] on the head with a beer bottle.” He also said the young woman stapled his head with the staple gun she had been using to put up the posters.

The beaten man had this to say:

‘I’ve played rugby for 12 years of my life, and I’ve never seen something like [this] before.’

Zwolinski was running against incumbent Cynthia Soto, who has held her office for 16 years, but he lost Tuesday’s primary election. He said:

‘I thought it may have been a relative of [Cynthia Soto’s] just because of the passion.’

Zwolinski’s girlfriend volunteered on his campaign, and was in his car. She had this to say about the attack:

‘The female approached the car and yanked open the door and threatened me to get out of the car with a staple gun.’

A stranger saw what was happening and reported it to 911. The candidate, bloody and beaten, filed a Chicago police report after his attack.

But the alleged male attacker filed a counter report. In that report, Fichter claimed Zwolinski ripped down the campaign signs, they had just posted. The former candidate denies the claim.

Police announced that Jessica Soto and Fichter “each face three felony counts of aggravated battery” after their alleged attack on Zwolinski. Fichter also faces a felony charge of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false report. Both were ordered held on $25,000 bonds.

Jessica Soto and Fichter are represented by the same attorney Frank Avila. The lawyer said he was “shocked” by the charges. Avila also said that Jessica Soto “was not involved in the altercation.”

Avila also claimed that Fichter was with another volunteer when the fight occurred:

‘There are a lot of inconsistencies with Mr. Zwolinski’s story. How does he know it was her? He says she jumped on his back and then he fell to the ground.’

In addition, Avila says that during a lineup, Zwolinski wrongly identified Jessica Soto. The two attackers appeared in bond court Friday.

Check out this video:

Featured Image: Zwolinski’s Facebook page.

H/T: NBC Chicago and ABC7 Chicago.