Kindergarten Student Brings Gun To School, Threatens Staff, Students, And Principal


A five-year-old who brought an airsoft gun to his kindergarten class spurred parents to fear bringing their children to school in San Diego, California this week.

The kindergartener at Oak Hill Elementary in Escondido Union School District at the end of the day as class was being dismissed. His teacher tried to explain that it was not an appropriate toy for school, but he refused to listen. The teacher and other students were led safely out of the classroom and the principal, who happened to be in the room when the child removed the gun from his backpack, stayed in the room with the student and his airsoft rifle.

‘This is a gun and it’s used to kill people,’ the five-year-old told the principal.

Staff did not contact police; instead, a school resource officer was called. This same elementary school came under fire for not following protocol before when a gunman biked across school property with a gun strapped to him. In that instance, the school failed to contact police for more than ten minutes, which violates policy.

Some of the parents knew about the incident after a letter was sent home with students, but some of them heard about it on Facebook. The parents were not pleased with the actions of school administrators or the child.

‘I go to work. I leave my kids here at school, thinking they’ll be safe, but sometimes they are not,’ said parent Marideli Vargas.

Meanwhile, the school is faced with how to handle disciplining a five-year-old who may or may not even understand why what he did frightened others and caused parents to fear for their children’s lives. The school district declined to comment on what would happen with the kindergartener.

‘District officials cannot discuss discipline of students, but they say each decision is made on a case-by-case basis.

Officials say the kindergarten student’s parents are fully cooperating and officials are looking into how the student got the gun.’

Oak Hill Elementary School currently does not have a zero tolerance policy for students who bring weapons to school. See the videos below for more on this story.

Flikr by Denis Milhailov