Mississippi Republican Lawmaker To Voter: ‘I Could Care Less’ About You


A Mississippi lawmaker responded to an email from a Gulfport woman to tell her he ‘could care less’ about her concerns, according to The Clarion-Ledger. Rep. Karl Oliver (R-Winona) also┬ásuggested that Becky Guidry move out of Mississippi.

Guidry emailed the freshman lawmaker to express her concerns about the tax breaks which are being considered by the Legislature and he responded. Unfortunately.

Oliver’s response read:

Mrs. Guidry,

I normally don’t return emails that do not request a response, but I found yours so intriguing I simply felt led to respond.

I see you are not a native to the Great State of Mississippi nor do you and I have similar political views. The people of our Great State overwhelmingly share my same or similar views on Government responsibility. I appreciate you going to the trouble to share yours with me, but quite frankly, and with all due respect, I could care less. I would, however, recommend that there are a rather large number of like minded citizens in Illinois that would love to see you return.

With warmest personal regards,

Karl Oliver

Oliver confirmed to the paper that he did send the email to Guidry but said he “wasn’t rude” and did not suggest Guidry move back to Illinois. Yes, he did suggest that the woman move back to Illinois. It’s right there in print.

“She’s taking a question about a tax bill and turning it into me being anti-public education,” Oliver said.

Oliver told the Clarion-Ledger, “Twist it anyway you want.”

We’re not sure how his words were twisted since the email was published in its entirety. A Mississippi resident is concerned over the budget crisis so he basically told her he doesn’t give a shit about her.

Guidry said after reading Oliver’s response to her email, her “blood was boiling.”

“My interpretation was since I was not born here that my opinion just doesn’t count,” Guidry said. “My husband’s family is here. … I work and pay taxes, my son goes to public schools in the Gulfport School District. We’re involved in our community,” she added.

So Ms. Guidry and her tax-paying family help to pay Oliver’s salary then. He should think about that before hitting ‘send.’

Image: Facebook.