TIME-BOMB: Racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Run Security At Trump Rally This Weekend

90 TIME-BOMB: Racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Run Security At Trump Rally This Weekend Donald Trump Racism
Pictured Above: Sheriff Joe Arpaio watching Donald Trump give a speech (Courtesy of Politico)

The most racist sheriff in all of America will be running security of Donald Trump’s upcoming rally on the sheriff’s stomping ground. Avid Trump supporter and known bigot, Joe Arpaio likely jumped at the opportunity to stare at Trump for two hours.

With consistent talk of Arpaio being Trump’s choice for Vice President, the sheriff’s appearance at the rally taking place this Saturday is only beefing up the vp claims that have had everyone buzzing since the 83-year old sheriff endorsed Trump for President two months ago. The highly controversial sheriff is well-known for the many accusations against him for racial profiling.

Arpaio had this to say to Politico about policing his idol’s campaign rally this weekend:

“Here I’m gonna be kinda wearing two hats — in charge of the security there in the town and also participating, I would imagine, with Trump in the rally, so it makes it interesting, it is going to be a lot of fun taking care of business there.”

Arpaio boasts about the fact that he is more controversial than even the most controversial person in the country right now:

“I’ve had demonstrations against me constantly. He hasn’t had that many demonstrators compared to me.”

Arpaio then goes on to talk about how misunderstood the would-be dictator is, and that he is really just a victim of mass bullying himself. He said this about the volatile nature of Trump’s rallies and the “bad rap” Donald gets from the media and others:

“They always repeat little minor things, what he said in the rally ‘oh you gotta carry him out on a stretcher,’ blah, blah, blah. I just thought that when you have a rally, you’re supposed to rally people and kind of say things that are exciting.”

According to Politico:

“The sheriff and his deputies were found to have violated the constitutional rights of Latinos in 2013, and in 2015 the federal ruling was mostly upheld. And he’s been sued multiple times. Since he took office in 1993, he’s cost taxpayers $142 million in legal expenses, settlements and court awards, according to the Arizona Republic.”

Carlos Garcia is the directer of Puente Arizona, a civil rights group very familiar with Arpaio’s handy-work. They are participating in one of the planned protests to take place this Saturday in an effort to show Donald Trump and his followers that they are not welcome in the state. Garcia said this:

“I think it’s something we’ve heard here before with Joe Arpaio, [former Gov.] Jan Brewer and [former state Sen.] Russell Pearce, and those are folks that are on their way out and did a lot of the damage to the state.”

Garcia expressed concern about Arpaio being in charge of security at the event:

“I think Fountain Hills is obviously hostile territory for our community. It’s where Arpaio lives. No one in our community trusts Joe Arpaio.”

It’s safe to say that this weekend will see a while different kind of Trump rally; a rally like we have never seen before. It is will a hopeful heart that I send positive thoughts to the protesters attending Saturday’s rally.