McDonald’s Makes Monumental Change And ‘The Results’ Are Driving Republicans Crazy


Republicans are going crazy about the recent, monumental change that McDonald’s has made. The GOP wants to keep the working poor down and out. One guy wants to seize the car of anyone who gets food stamps, including working people. Are they supposed to fly to work? The GOP also favors legislation giving guns to toddlers. They even created the monster, Donald Trump. But, McDonald’s newest action has stirred Republicans into full-blown perturbation.

States make their own laws when it comes to setting a minimum wage, and that rate is all over the place, ranging from to $7.25 in many states to $11.50 an hour in Washington, D.C. But, we rarely hear how the minimum wage impacts those who earn so little. Not one person in the entire country, working full-time on a minimum wage, can afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment.

For those unfortunate minimum wage workers in Hawaii, for example, such an apartment is way out of consideration. It takes $31.61 per hour for a person to afford it. They make $8.50 an hour.

But, the number one burger chain in the world is changing the whole situation by raising wages, affecting 10% of its employees. The fast food company’s raised its own minimum wage in its corporate stores, country-wide. Unfortunately, most of the stores still set their own pay scale. McDonald’s increase is not up to the amount liberals demand, but the result of this corporation’s act proves liberals are right:

‘The hamburger chain in April announced it would raise the average hourly rate for workers at the U.S. restaurants it owns to $9.90 from $9.01 starting July 2015, with average wages climbing above $10 per hour by the end of 2016. The company also said it would allow those employees to earn up to five days of paid vacation.’

The argument against minimum wage, made by multi-millionaire CEO’s, is that businesses that increase hourly wages lose business. How? The Republicans say companies will have to pass any increase on to the consumer. These rich guys even threaten to fire employees, should the country install a reasonable minimum wage.

Liberals have long said that when employees make enough money, they are happy, and happy employees equal happy customers, and more business.

After the first three months of McDonald’s hourly wage increase, the burger chain’s U.S. president Mike Andrews said Wednesday:

‘It has done what we expected it to—90 day turnover rates are down, our survey scores are up—we have more staff in restaurants. So far we’re pleased with it—it was a significant investment obviously but it’s working well.’

Customers ultimately set the upper wage, because increases in raises do get passed along to them. But, when the employees make too little, customers get stuck paying more in taxes. Walmart’s salaries hover barely above minimum wage, and the country’s biggest employer exploits our tax dollars. Their employees are so under-paid, they have to get public assistance so that they can eat. Literally.

The McDonald’s wage increase has pleased employees and customers, the shareholders are extremely happy to see the value of McDonald’s rise. But the inflexible and uncompromising Republicans are the only people who aren’t happy. What are they saying now?


Featured Image: Zhao ! via Flicker, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Groopspeak and Fortune.