Die-Hard GOP Pundit Says Vote Clinton Or Sanders Over Trump ‘If You Care About Capitalism’


Yet another conservative spokesperson has publicly claimed they will vote Democrat should Donald Trump gain the Republican Party nomination for the 2016 presidential election.

Fox News talking head Jonathan Hoenig is undeniably conservative—there’s no doubt about it—but the Fox regular stated on “Cashin’ In,” Saturday, that he would most certainly like to see the Republican Party contest a Trump nomination come convention time, as he has every plan to vote for Clinton or Sanders should Trump actually nab the nomination. One can presume with a great degree of accuracy, however, that Hoenig would much rather not have to do that.

Why would Hoenig jump ship temporarily and vote for a Democrat? Well, it’s not about the racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and xenophobia referred to by activist and Mijente field director Jacinta Gonzalez. Nope, his beef is with what he predicts a Trump presidency will do to the economy, and he’s not alone. A Trump presidency was recently listed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) as one of the Top 10 global risks.

Hoenig stated:

‘I think Trump would be inexorably worse than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the presidency, if you care about capitalism and the future of this country.’

Hoenig added:

‘I know he’s supposed to be representing capitalism, free markets—a lot of people cannot get behind someone who advocates for tariffs or banning journalists from their events.’

“Cashin’ In” host Eric Bolling replied:

‘Wait, wait, wait. But answer the question—the question was, if [Trump] doesn’t get quite to 1237 [delegates], and here it is, 1236, you’re okay to contest that convention?’

Hoenig said in response:

‘Eric, I’ll be voting for Bernie or Hillary if Trump’s the nominee, so absolutely.’

How many red flags does a candidate running for president of the United States need to have before it’s understood he or she is too dangerous for the position? How many anti-Constitutional positions does one need to spout; how many times does a candidate have to incite his or her followers to violence and racist discrimination before fouling themselves right out of the election?

Perhaps it’s time for a time out.

Featured image by Fox News via video screen capture.