Hanging Out With The Most Awesome President, Barack Obama! (VIDEO)


Let’s hang out with the president, the man named Barack Obama. The idea is as close to reality as hanging with the long-dead Cleopatra or Plato. But, can you imagine what it would be like? In spite of the vicious hatred and unprecedented obstruction, President Barack Obama has not only endured, he has outrivaled everyone. So, of course, you’d be nervous meeting the president of so many firsts, but he quickly puts you at ease. It is what he does.

President Obama says that a lot:

‘It is what I do.’

After your beers arrive, what would you two talk about? Try basketball. As POTUS, he scheduled a quick game of three-point basketball, shooting hoops from a distance with sports star Clark Kellogg. After Obama “got skunked” at first, or missed a few, he said:

‘I shoot under pressure.’

Yes, he does. Remember, there will be about a hundred photographers and reporters hovering around the table, but he is at ease, and soon you are, too.

The President is truly funny. He tells about talking a New York Times reporter into getting on a hovercraft, and he makes fun of Donald Trump at every turn. After all, Trump is the father of the “Birther Movement.”

The President would talk a bit about his relationship with the press. After all, the media has sharpened its teeth this past seven years of his presidency, until they are razor-sharp, and, like a hungry shark, reporters sniff out even the most absurd details.

You might bring up the little 4th grade boy, who asked the President why people hate him. Obama reminded the boy that a lot of people do like him. After all, he was elected President. But then he said:

‘People watch TV. And politics is where one party wins, and the other side pokes you a little bit to keep you on your toes, but it’s not too serious. People are worried about their own lives. They’ve lost their home and lost their healthcare, and they get frustrated dealing with it. You get credit for the good and blamed for the bad.’

The little boy took in all of the President’s words, as the first black president continued:

‘I’m pretty tough Are you pretty tough? You just keep on going, doing it for other people.’

The man is presidential in spite of the raw hatred people spew at him. He accepts responsibility for his many memorable accomplishments with dignity, good humor, and humility and brushes off the dirt, hatred, and dissing.

But, let’s not give away all of what might happen. After all, you never know.

Check out the video below, where you can see for yourself his awesome self:


Featured Image: U.S. Embassy New Delhi, Creative Commons License.

H/T: If You Only News.