POLL: Voters Are Asked Which Candidate They Would Most Want To ‘Punch In The Face’, The Results Are Hilarious


The great orange man Trump is rallying his army of supporters to riot against the rest of the country, if he doesn’t get to be the GOP presidential nominee. Talk about a giant temper tantrum. But even if his followers are willing to go off the cliff where he points them, everyone else, a new survey says, has strong feelings against Donald Trump, so strong they want to act them out.

Trump is not as beloved by the minions as he would have us believe, and doesn’t he throw the word “love” around way too much to be genuine? Given the unusual political environment, pollsters are getting a little hinky with their questions, these days.

Can you believe that, when the WalletHub/SurveyMonkey question asks people, if they would like to give Trump a “pop in the kisser,” they really did? A whopping 54 percent wanted to take a crack at him.

So who else would people like to pop in the kisser? Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton comes in second place with 14 percent, when the WalletHub/Survey Monkey poll released its results Monday.

President Obama is a near-tie with Clinton at 13 percent, and a generic, anonymous “congressman” takes fourth place with a roaring 12 percent. Four percent of the people interviewed want to punch an IRS agent. Another 2 percent have it in for a tax attorney, and just 1 percent say they want to punch a specific accountant of their choosing.

So, it seems that people want to punch out the politicians far more than the dreaded IRS.

So who is the public’s favorite candidate? ‘No Idea’ is the far ahead  receiving 34% of the vote. But, if people have to pick an actual candidate, the grand winner is the Bern Man Sanders with 26 percent. Hillary is next with 13 percent, and Trump takes third place with 11.8 percent.

Watch Trump threatening to punch someone out in the video below:

WalletHub/Survey Monkey conducted its online survey of 1,000 individuals between March 15th and 16th.

Featured Image: Henry Burrows via Flickr, Creative Commons License with some modification.

H/T: The Hill and WalletHub/Survey Monkey