Raul Castro Publicly Humiliated At End Of Conference With Obama!


President Obama held a joint conference with Cuban president Raul Castro. No visit to Cuba can begin without making sure President Castro is publicly humiliated in the most subtle and elegant way. The symbolic conference discussed America and Cuba working together to improve the lives of both Cubans and Americans alike. This is a significant milestone in American and Cuban history as there has not been a United States President visiting Cuba in the last 90 years.

According to NBC News,

‘Obama’s arrival in Havana Sunday afternoon was the result of a long effort to thaw the United States’ antagonistic relationship with Cuba, which dates to the country’s 1959 Communist revolution. The Obama administration has made incremental moves to loosen certain economic blockades, making it a little easier for Americans to visit and for money to pass between the countries.’

Obama has gone the extra mile to ensure humans globally are being treated fairly. He is not only helping out the United States but is going to other countries to ensure humans have rights and to speak about getting along and looking past our differences. Castro is still in the dictatorship mentality and has not yet moved into the 21st century where all humans have rights.

NBC News notes that Obama’s goal with Cuba is:

‘When we share our deepest beliefs on an attitude of mutual respect, then we can both learn and make the lives of our people better,’

This significant breakthrough is only one of many that will come from Obama breaking the ice between Cuba and the United States. Obama’s empowering message gave hope to future relations between America and Cuba, a voice to the dissidents of Cuba that are otherwise thrown in jail, and has brought attention to the harsh realities Cubans face under Castro and his dictator mindset.

At the end of the conference, the most subtle yet brilliant dis unfolded. Castro attempted to lift up President Obama’s arm as a sign of support and agreement, while Obama left his arm limp. The humiliation is apparent on Castro’s face when he slowly puts Obama’s arm down upon realizing how moronic he looked.

Watch the painfully awkward video below:

Video courtesy of YouTube

WATCH: Castro Tried to Lift Obama’s Arm Up and Obama Let It Go Awkwardly Limp

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