BRUSSELS ATTACK: Ted Cruz Forgets Constitution, Calls For Patrols Of All MUSLIM Areas (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz took to Facebook almost immediately after the attack in Belgium that claimed the lives of at least 31 people this morning. Ted shamelessly exploited the tragic events in Brussels to bash President Obama and pimp himself as a person who could do a much better job if elected.

In his best presidential voice, Cruz very slowly spoke about the war on terrorism that we are engaged in. He brought up the Paris attacks, the San Bernardino attacks and other works of ISIS, all while accusing President Obama of being worried about racism against Muslims more than the actual acts of terror.

Via Facebook

In an interview with Fox News, Cruz actually blames Brussels for being attacked. Cruz says that it is a failed immigration policy that allowed Muslim extremists into the country, rather than calling out the people who carried out the attacks.

Giving THE most dramatic speech of his career, Ted Cruz talks to reporters as if he is giving his inaugural speech. There is something robotic about this speech, as if his every word is premeditated and he has to speak very carefully to get out correctly. That, or he is heavily sedated.

The most appalling part of Cruz’s entire disgusting spiel was when he called for the policing of demographic areas that are mainly populated by Muslim people. Not only is this proposal unconstitutional, but it spins the notion to the public that they should be in fear of the Muslims in their area.

Politicians like Ted Cruz create hate and incite fear in every day people who truly believe that he knows better than they. The ordinary people, who aren’t career politicians, who just want to work and die like everyone else; those people are the ones who allow words of public figures to depict their thoughts and actions. This is historically dangerous rhetoric.

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