JUST IN: Two-Year-Old Georgia Boy Pulls Gun From Mom’s Purse And Shoots Himself


As if Liberals needed another reason to prove how necessary gun reform in the United States really is.

On Monday, a two-year-old boy accidentally shot himself with a gun he pulled out from his mother’s purse, according to Georgia authorities. The boy is currently fighting for his life in what was described by authorities as “critical condition.”

“That child has been rushed to an area hospital and is currently in critical condition and currently in surgery,” Mark Lavigne, a spokesman for the DeKalb County Police department said in a statement.

According to Lavigne, the situation is still currently under investigation, but it appears to have been an accident.

“The information we’re getting is that it is accidental, it’s not an intentional act.”

And no wonder. A child at that age wouldn’t even be able to form intent, let alone realize what he was doing with the gun in the first place.

The child hasn’t been identified, but he apparently shot himself in the stomach after he removed the weapon from his mother’s handbag.

The family lives in North Carolina and were staying in a hotel in Lithonia, which is east of Atlanta, Georgia, when the tragic incident occurred.

“The mother is at the hospital. We’re interviewing her. A second individual that was in the room we’re interviewing at the scene here,” Lavigne claimed.

As noted by Rawstory, there were 13,399 deaths in the United States in 2015 that were caused by accidents with firearms, according to the Gun Violence Archive. Sadly, 3,300 of those cases involved minors under the age of 18.

Thanks to Republicans in Congress, much of the effort to combat gun violence has been blocked, forcing Obama to exercise the use of his executive orders in an effort to end gun-related violence in this country.

According to GOP Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Obama implementing executive orders is:

“Intruding further into innocent Americans’ lives.”

Republicans like Ryan justify the right to guns in terms of potential terrorist threats and defending their freedom. Speaker Ryan went on to state:

“At a time when the country wants the president to lead the fight against radical Islamic terror, this is yet another attempt to divide and distract from his failed policies.”

But the sad fact of the matter is, there are far too many incidents like the one that caused this two-year-old boy to fight for his life in a hospital bed. It makes you wonder how people like Speaker Ryan can sleep at night, knowing innocent children are dying in this country, all due to the fact that we don’t have adequate gun legislation.

That’s not to mention the horrendously disproportionate level of gun violence inflicted against African-Americans in the U.S., either.

“Thirty two people are murdered by guns every day in the United States. African-Americans represent 57 percent of the victims, despite the fact they account for only 13 percent of the overall U.S. population. Homicide is the leading cause of death for Black males aged 15-34,” as noted by MomsRising.

And maybe the reason why many politicians continue to make excuses and overlook the blatant tragedy that our nation faces is because these lives, Black lives, small children’s lives, don’t matter to them in the same way as their own families do.

But something has to be done. The incident involving this young boy is just another reminder of how much we really have left to do.

Source: Rawstory.

Feature Image via Flickr/Hakan Gokbayrak, available under a Creative Commons license.