Obama Attends Baseball Game After Brussels Attacks, His Reason Is Excellent (VIDEO)


The critics over at Fox News are surely getting warmed up for this one, but President Obama attended the baseball exhibition he had scheduled with Raul Castro after the ISIL attacks in Brussels today.

The two watched an exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team and joined the rest of the crowd in a moment of silence. President Obama also gave an interview and made a statement on the attacks during the game.

‘This is just one more example of why the entire world has to unite against these terrorists,’ Obama said. ‘The notion that any political agenda justifies the killing of innocent people like this is something that is beyond the pale. We’re going to continue with over 60 nations pounding ISIL. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those whose live have been lost and hope for a speedy recovery to those who have been injured.’

The president invoked memories of the aftermath of Boston marathon bombing in his statement.

He recalled the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, saying one of his ‘most powerful memories and proudest moments as president was watching Boston respond.’

He referred to Red Sox slugger David Ortiz’s defiant statement about how strong Boston was, about how the city was not going to be intimidated — ‘perhaps the only time America was not upset about someone cursing on TV,’ Obama said.

‘That’s the resilience and strength we need to show in the face of the terrorists,’ he said. ‘They cannot defeat America. They don’t produce anything. They do not have a message that appeals to a majority of Muslims and people around the world. What they can do is strike fear and disrupt our daily lives and divide us.’

That, Obama stated, was the reason he did not cancel plans to continue building relationships in Cuba, since “whole premise of terrorism is to disrupt people’s lives.” The intention behind the attacks in Brussels was to draw attention and strike fear in everyone’s hearts. Our president refused them that privilege.

While there are sure to be many critics of that statement, drawing our president away from the good work he is doing in Cuba would be counted as another victory by members of the terrorist organization known as ISIL.


Featured image via Getty Images