BREAKING: Anonymous Launches #OpBrussels Vowing Relentless Revenge Against ISIS (VIDEO)

327E6C2700000578-3506345-image-a-117_1458748753674 BREAKING: Anonymous Launches #OpBrussels Vowing Relentless Revenge Against ISIS (VIDEO) Terrorism Top Stories
Screenshot from video below courtesy of The Daily Mail

Hacker group Anonymous just publicly threatened the terrorist organization ISIS. This comes just after ISIS took credit for the terror attack that claimed the lives of 34 people in Brussels yesterday. Anonymous has vowed to wipe ISIS off the internet completely, making their recruitment efforts of young men from across the world very difficult.

‘Op Brussels’ was set in place today; a plan to heighten the attacks on the terrorist organization ISIS. The operation will include ‘hacking their websites, shutting down their Twitter accounts and stealing their Bitcoins’.

In the video just released, a representative of Anonymous appears and gives this message:

‘We have silenced thousands of Twitter accounts directly linked to ISIS. We severely punish Daesh on the dark net, hacked their electronic portfolio and stolen money from the terrorists. We have laid siege to your propaganda websites, tested them with our cyber attacks, however we will not rest as long as terrorists continue their actions around the world. We will strike back against them… we will defend the rights of freedom and tolerance.’

According to The Daily Mail:

‘Anonymous issued a similar treat after the Paris attack last November, vowing to hunt down those responsible online and expose them. But ISIS’s online unit, the Islamic Cyber Army, hit back, branding the group ‘idiots’ and declaring: “What they gonna hack…all they can do is hacking twitter accounts, emails, etc.” ISIS militants use a number of encrypted messaging services, email providers, and GPS blockers to communicate under the radar. The list of apps used by the jihadists was revealed last year after a 34-page ISIS fighter handbook was obtained by independent military research group Combating Terrorism Center (CTC), and published on Scribd by Yahoo.’

The bombings that claimed the lives of dozens yesterday took place in an airport and a metro station. The people who were killed did nothing to deserve the terrible fate that was handed to them. This can happen anywhere. If you think it can’t happen in America, you’re crazy. Thankfully, Americans can rest a bit easier knowing that Anonymous is monitoring ISIS’ internet usage.

Video courtesy of The Daily Mail: