POLL: Republicans Asked Which Skin Color Faces the Most Racism, Their Response Will Blow Your Mind


There seems to be a problem with the leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s supporters. You see, they are white. Not only that, they are victims. That idea just didn’t seem right, so “The Washington Post” and ABC News decided to do a poll to check it out. Now, the results are in! White Trump followers think they face racism. Apparently, they are feeling the blues!

The most perplexing question is: does Trump incite whites to become less civilized, or were whites already harboring those feelings of anger, betrayal, and racism, and Trump just lit their fuse? Trump supporters are certainly a different breed of American.

If you take all of the white Americans, 40 percent said that blacks and Hispanics are less well off, generally speaking, than whites. The whites said only 28 percent of them were losing out to minorities.

Among white Republicans, 45 percent say whites are getting the bad end of the deal, against only 19 percent who say blacks and Hispanics are losing out to whites.

But here is where it gets a little strange. A full 54 percent of the Trump supporters say whites are getting the raw end of the deal. That’s right. They also say a mere 19 percent of blacks and Hispanics are the victims.

That information may partially explain why establishment Republicans cannot put a brake on Trumps journey to the glory win. The GOP is becoming more frustrated as the days go on, because nothing Trump does, and he does plenty, turns them away from him. The GOP establishment can’t stop the Donald’s “identity-based appeals to white voters: They are the GOP’s base.”

Republicans within the dome of Washington, D.C. breathe in the air of elegance. Little did they know, that outside of the dome, they had let loose a terrible Republican reality.

The Republican elite establishment let the ultra-conservatives pull the party so far to the right that it was becoming unrecognizable. The establishment created the vacuum that Trump stepped right into, but the GOP realized way too late, that they had lost control of their base. Coarse and vulgar became mantra of the Trump followers. Rude was in, polite was out.

The poll asked this question:

‘Which of these do you think is a bigger problem in this country — blacks and Hispanics losing out because of preferences for whites, or whites losing out because of preferences for blacks and Hispanics?’

According to the Washington Post:

‘…as long as Trump has an incentive to stick to his white-backlash strategy, it is that much more likely that he will keep up with the wretched antics that risk driving minorities and young voters further away from the GOP.’

The Republicans didn’t anticipate the unintended consequences of an ultra-conservative wing of the Grand Old Party.  They didn’t consider a white Republican base would feel put upon, harrassed, and hassled. They didn’t consider they might create someone like Trump. They didn’t consider their base would be angry enough to follow Trump anywhere.

White is the new black.

Featured Image: ed ouimette via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Washington Post/ABC Poll and Washington Post.