Ted Cruz Goes On CBS And Gets Completely Humiliated Over His Anti-Muslim Comments


Ted Cruz never fails to amuse America, whether it be lying through his teeth, or his blatant disregard for human lives. Upon hearing about the bombings in Brussels, the narcissistic dim-wit announced plans to patrol Muslim neighborhoods, in specific, to “stop radicalization”

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Cruz was given a chance to explain his ignorant remarks, and hopefully make sense of what he was saying. He, however, did not improve and shoved his foot even farther down his throat while backing up his claims! Cruz completely humiliated himself by showing his true racist colors.

As if Cruz’s claims were not already extremely self-serving and chauvinistic, he seems to be competing with the rest of the Republican party at who can come up with the most xenophobic remarks. The entire Republican party have proven themselves over and over to be feeble-minded narcissists with extreme intolerance towards anyone different than themselves.

Norah O’Donnell called Cruz out on his lack of empathy and disregard to United State laws when she questioned,

‘How many Muslims are in America….So you’re saying law enforcement should surveil a number of Muslims and you don’t even know how many Muslims are in America?’

Then to bring even more attention to lack of any sort of intelligence she adds,

‘It’s impractical what you’re suggesting, also it doesn’t suggest it would lead to anything, its more of a political point that you’re making.’

Cruz and his 18th century mindset do not take well to women doing anything other than being seen but not heard. When Norah O’Donnell spoke against Cruz, he was in complete disbelief and was taken aback by a woman speaking her mind. Apparently he doesn’t have many strong female figures in his life.

Cruz’s ignorance spews from his mouth in every direction as he rebuttals,

‘If you look at the attack in Brussels it’s a direct result of the failed immigration policies in Europe that have allowed vast numbers of radical islamic terrorists to come to Europe and they’ve been ghettoized in neighborhoods that have become isolated, that have become separate, and they become incubators for radical islamic terrorists.’

If Cruz’s first remark wasn’t bad enough, he continues with a complete lack of intelligence when backing up his ludicrous statement. Cruz has not only proven he is unable to be a decent human being, but can not even respect those that have a different ethnic background than him. This barrier will cause extreme problems if Cruz is ever allowed to govern any persons different than himself.

Watch the discrimination below.

Video courtesy of CBS This Morning via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.