Latest Poll Measures A Clinton VS Trump General Election And The Results Will Surprise You


Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump with a baseball bat—heartily—come the general election, should she successfully fend off Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, according to a recent Bloomberg Politics poll.

The poll released Wednesday shows Clinton pummeling Trump by 18 percentage points, with Clinton pulling in 54 percent approval to Trump’s 36 percent.

Putting another sizable crack in Trump’s armor are the results in the poll showing a mere 29 percent of general election voters favoring the Donald, as compared to 68 percent who would love to see him take a long walk off a short pier.

According to the poll, Trump’s approval has never been worse, while his disapproval rating has jumped up 13 points in the last four months, setting a new record for disapproval for the Trump campaign. Perhaps America has found its meds again?

As much as she may be slaying Trump in an hypothetical general election poll, though, Clinton has a higher disapproval rating than approval rating, herself, with 44 percent of those polled digging the former first lady and 53 percent giving her anything from a side-eye to a stink-palm, should they get the chance.

But even with the obvious lack of trust and approval from a majority of voters, Clinton would still be able to beat Republican front-runner Donald Trump because the entire Republican Party is in disgraceful shambles at the moment, and is itself achieving record-setting plummets in approval ratings. In fact, most U.S. voters darn-right disapprove of the Republican Party—even many Republicans!

Only one-third of those polled think much of anything when it comes to the Republican Party these days. In their eyes, calling for more torture and a ban on Muslims is a-okay. Sixty percent, however, are double-fisting a pair of hearty thumbs down at the party.

On the other side of the fence, however, 51 percent are all about the Democratic party, as compared to 43 percent who just aren’t feeling it.

It is interesting to note, too, that Trump does worse against Clinton than would either of his remaining Republican rivals. Clinton and Cruz only show a nine percent gap, and Kasich even beats Clinton in the poll, pulling in 47 percent to 43 percent for the former Secretary of State. Kasich is also the only Republican in the race with more voters favoring him than disapproving of him—46 to 32 percent.

While Kasich has no chance of winning the nomination at this point, he has decided to stick out the race until the Republican Convention this summer in the dream of dreams scenario that the convention be contested and tip his direction.

On the national level, however, Trump is still the candidate to both be and beat, sucking up 40 percent, while Cruz only slurps at 31 and Kasich cloys at 25.

Bloomberg polled 815 participants considered likely to vote in the general election from March 19 to March 22 to get these results. It has a margin of error of 3.4 percent.

Of course, Sanders supporters are going to chime right in and point out that the Vermont Senator has been beating Hillary in polls hand over fist, as well as stacking up against Trump much better than Clinton, but that’s where it gets interesting, because Sanders was not even included in this poll. Here, yet again, is a blatant example of media bias. In the Bloomberg poll, it was stated as a given Clinton would end up the Democratic nomination. They didn’t even bother to inquire about Sanders to see the numbers. All those being polled could do was compare Republican candidates against themselves and Hillary Clinton.


Feature image by Paul Marotta via Getty Images.