New Poll Reveals Which Republican Is Most Likely To Beat Hillary Clinton, The Results Are Shocking


John Kasich has been a bit like the ninja of the Republican Presidential Campaign so far. Not because he runs up walls whilst hurling throwing stars at his enemies, but because compared to the over-bearing ego fest that is Donald Trump, and the slimy, lizard like ravings of Ted Cruz, Kasich has barely made any noise, but is turning out to be somewhat of a stealthy assassin.

According to a Bloomberg poll conducted on Wednesday, John Kasich comes out on top against Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton. The poll asked voters whether they would vote for Hillary or Kasich, Cruz or Trump.

Clinton wins against Cruz with 51 points to 44. A pretty resounding victory.

Clinton also wins against Trump, smashing him 54 points to 36.

But, John Kasich strikes a blow against Clinton, being the preferred President with 47 points to Clinton’s 43. It’s hardly a knockout punch, but it is interesting that Kasich, who is arguably the least likely to win the Republican nomination, is actually the person most capable of beating Clinton, who at this point looks most likely to win the Democrat nomination.

Fox News also conducted a poll recently, and the results from that are both surprising and give quite a lot of food for thought. John Kasich once again proves that he is the Republican’s best shot at stopping Clinton from taking up residency in the White House.

Kasich beats Clinton 51 points to 40, a whopping 11 point advantage, and the only Republican candidate to get into the double digit difference range.

In the Fox poll, Ted Cruz also beats Clinton, 47 points to 43, though there is a 3 point margin of error making the Cruz victory pretty meaningless.

Trump, the current Republican frontrunner, gets destroyed by Clinton, with Clinton winning 49 points to 38. Try as he might, according to these polls, Trump just isn’t a viable Republican candidate when pitted against Clinton…or Sanders…in fact, it’s looking unlikely that Trump would win even if the Democrats panned Sanders and Clinton and nominated a camel called Donald Hump, whose only scope for becoming President was a badge pinned to his chest saying Vote For Me and Hump Trump.

The poll revealed some other interesting information. Kasich gains a lot of support from independent voters, who back him 36 point ahead of Clinton. He is also the Republican candidate most likely to steal support from the Democrats, with 17 percent voting for him.

The Republicans are a mixed bag against Bernie Sanders, with Trump and Cruz losing out and Kasich actually winning against the Democratic hopeful.

Sanders beats Cruz by 4 points, making it a pretty tight competition.

Sanders beats Trump by 14 points, proving that most people are actually capable of identifying right from wrong.

Kasich however beats Sanders by 1 point, with a 44 – 43 win. So Kasich, according to this poll anyway, is the only Republican candidate capable of beating both Clinton and Sanders. It’s food for thought for both the Republicans and the Democrats. Kasich actually seems like the most logical choice for the Republican nomination, especially when the poll mentions fear ratings.

49 percent of voters would feel scared is Trump were to win the White House. That’s a staggering statement. Almost half of the voters in the country would be scared to have Donald Trump as President. The same poll found that 36 percent would feel scared if Hillary Clinton became President.

Only 7 percent would feel scared if John Kasich took office.

So Kasich, according to these polls, is the Republicans best chance at securing the White House. He is definitely the most moderate Republican candidate, and doesn’t inspire the sort of hatred or revulsion that Cruz and Trump do. However it’s unlikely that he will get the nomination. Trump is still leading, Trump is still all over the news, and Trump looks likely to be the front runner for a very long time. Which is great news if you vote Democrat.