Don Lemon Freaks Out Live On Air After Trump Supporter Won’t Be Quiet


So what is Omarosa Manigualt’s relationship with Donald Trump? She speaks for him on the networks and is as loyal as they come. The woman surrogate dodges questions with the swiftest of them. She leaps over negatives with the grace of a cat.

CNN’s Don Lemon experienced her move as he tried to get his teeth into something juicy. During the interview, she tried to out parlay him. Lemon was interested in Trump’s attack on Heidi Cruz, where the billionaire put up a photo of his own beautiful wife beside one of the least flattering photos of Cruz’s wife he coul find. Naturally, Cruz was dismayed and stood up for Heidi.

It all started when a Cruz-friendly super PAC posted a adult photo of then model Melanie Trump, taken from a photo shoot. The gloves were thrown down, and the two men began to duel, their choice of weapon was words.

They thrusted, each moving lower and lower in the political slime. So, Lemon wanted in on the game. Omarosa was a worthy opponent. She speaks the language of politics so fluently, one can hardly glimpse her subtle and not-so-subtle shifts.

After Omarosa deftly dodged his question about Trump’s latest attack on Heidi Cruz, an ugly insult about her appearance. Omarosa responded:

‘I don’t think we should start there.’

When Omarosa, once again started to loop back to the Super PAC ad featuring the adult Melanie Trump, Lemon had had enough of the gamesmanship and snapped:

‘I’m not going to let you do that. Omarosa, stop!’

Of course, Omarosa continued, and Lemon lost it:

‘Cut the mic, everybody. We’re not doing that. I want everyone on this panel to answer the question directly.’

Of course, Omarosa objected. That is when Lemon halted the interview just one minute into it and cut to commercial. When the commercial break was over, Lemon came back on air and asked about the Donald’s ugly retweet again.

Omarosa dodged again, this time moving to the Brussels incident, saying terrorism is far too important to be talking about Twitter retweets.

Lemon served her a 100 mph speed ball:

‘We wouldn’t be talking about it if your candidate had not put it out there.’

Score. Then, Omarosa wiggled out from beneath Lemon’s pointed remark, unhappy that Trump’s comments on Brussels had largely been ignored. Then, she told Lemon that Trump was defending his wife Melania, and that deserved no apologies.

Cruz friendly Super PAC manager Kellyanne Conway got into it with Omarosa regarding Trump’s unusual relationship to women. Then, when Lemon gave it his last best shot at getting Omarosa to admit the retweet was truly awful, Omarosa went into her repeat cycle.

Omarosa participated in several of Trump’s reality shows. “TV Guide” included her in the list of The 60 Nastiest Villains Of All Time for 2013, and when she is not defending Donald Trump, she teaches Executive Education and Executive MBA programs at Howard University School Of Business.

Watch the action in these video below:

Featured Image: Screengrab/CNN.