GOP Consultant Threatens To ‘Behead’ People Who Refuse To Support Donald Trump


While it has long been suggested that Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric may be causing his supporters to be more likely of harassing those who protest at his campaign rallies, it now appears that some of his acolytes will literally threaten murder to anyone who disagrees with Trump or offers the slightest criticism of the current GOP front-runner.

Take the case of Liz Mair, whom you’ve no doubt seen on cable news shows over the years. She is a longtime GOP media and campaign consultant, and she helped produce an ad in recent weeks which has lit up the airwaves with anger, threats, and recriminations between Trump and Ted Cruz. Yes, it’s the infamous ad of Trump’s wife, Melania, in a provocative, partially clad pose with the tagline, “Meet Melania Trump, Your Next First Lady.”

Tasteless and over the top? Yes. But listen to what Mair says has recently happened since that ad appeared and it was discovered that she had a hand in it: Her mother received a hateful message on her voicemail saying that her daughter would meet with a violent end for her part in producing the Melania Trump ad. Mair recalls:

‘She woke up and there was a very, very nasty threatening voicemail from somebody who’s a Trump supporter. She’s going to make a decision about a police report. I’ve already had to file a police report about a Trump supporter who threatened to behead me.’

Threatened to behead her! Trump is forever talking about the terrorist group ISIS cutting off people’s heads, but here’s a person who supports him saying he will do the very same thing to a woman who helped make a campaign ad. Is Trump to blame for this psycho saying such a thing to Mair? No. But do you suppose such things would be happening if Trump didn’t use such hateful and violent language on a regular basis? Here’s a better question: Have you heard or read any reports of this kind of thing happening in the Democratic race?

And should Trump win the GOP nomination or even become President, some observers say you can expect much more of the same from Trump and from those who worship him like a god. Conservative blogger Bethany Mandel noted:

‘This is what life will be like under Trump.’

Mandel, who has been threatened directly by Trumpites, says she lives in constant fear:

‘I have nightmares that someone’s trying to break into our apartment, and it’s going to take 10 minutes for a patrol car.’

To allay those fears, Mandel bought a .22 magnum revolver for protection. Mandel, who is Jewish, told MSNBC:

‘When the mob comes after groups of people, it always ends up at the Jews.’

Should anyone in America have to live in such fear simply because they speak their mind? If this is indeed a preview of a Trump White House, then we’d all better have our passports ready for travel.

If you want to know more about Trump’s message of violence, take a look at this report from Vox:

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