Fox News Responds To The Arrest Of Trump’s Campaign Manager By Defending Battery On Women


Fox News has never been accused of intelligent commentary or even basic journalistic integrity, but their latest act is a bit rotten even for them. Fox News legal pundit and anti-common-sense talking head, Robert Bianchi, was discussing the recent events surrounding the Donald Trump campaign. For those of you unfamiliar, check out our excellent write up here, but as a quick summary, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested for grabbing and bruising journalist Michelle Fields as she tried to ask Trump a question.

So when asked about the situation and the battery charges that have been filed against Lewandowski, Bianchi did exactly what you would expect a Fox legal expert to do: He downplayed the whole thing and attempted to justify why Lewandowski would put his hands on anybody, including a woman trying to do her job. How on Earth would one justify that? Well, by making a nonsensical comparison that would appeal to Fox News’ target audience, sport-loving Republicans, of course.

Here’s the video:

‘Politics is a contact sport.’

It’s tough to determine what is more startling, that Fox News seemingly condones violence against women, or that Robert Bianchi apparently has no idea what a contact sport is. Politics is definitely not a contact sport. If it were, why wouldn’t the candidates do away with moderated debates and just slug it out in bare-knuckle boxing matches? Why doesn’t Kasich tackle Trump off the stage and get him to tap out of the race? Football is a contact sport. Hockey is a contact sport. Politics is definitely not a contact sport.

Not to be outdone in the misogyny race, everyone’s favourite click-bait creator, Piers Morgan, also weighed in on Lewandowski’s situation. His vapid and self-aggrandizing article doesn’t really have anything important to say, instead reading like a typical Piers Morgan article: a revolting attempt to offer a ‘controversial’ point of view on a current news item in order to generate clicks. The article can be summed up by the last two sentences:

‘By making such a grotesque mountain of such a tiny molehill, Michelle Fields has embarrassed herself and let down her profession.

Toughen up, young lady – or choose a different job.’

If politics is a contact sport, it’s about time somebody put Morgan in a choke hold for his patronizing and insulting commentary. Alerting the police and standing up for yourself against assault at work isn’t letting your profession down, and certainly this ‘young lady’ needn’t toughen up. Instead, Piers, who is an intelligent man, could maybe start using his intellect for good instead of becoming just another example of a pundit who’s sole purpose is to say controversial things to generate views.

So Fox News and Piers Morgan seem to believe that it’s ok for a journalist to be assaulted while trying to do her job. Whether they think politics is a contact sport, or whether they claim that a male journalist would be treated differently, the idea that we should accept anybody assaulting anybody else for whatever reason, especially at the workplace, is ridiculous.

Imagine if Lewandowski and Fields worked in an office and the incident had occurred there. Violence in the workplace should never be tolerated. It’s no surprise that Fox News condones this sort of attack, but it is disappointing. When political agendas and self-promotion are put in front of the well-being of other people, it’s time for us to really look at these media outlets and decide if we actually have a need for them in today’s society.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty Images.