In Response To Clinton Declining To Debate #ToneDownForWhat Hits Twitter HARD


Hilary Clinton doesn’t take pressure well and when being challenged to a debate by Bernie Sanders, she backed down! Clinton fears Sanders will annihilate her policies, lack of empathy, and substandard views on the women she is supposedly representing. She was even too afraid to decline herself and had her  chief campaign strategist, Joel Benenson, respond for her.

As previously stated by Bipartisan Report, Benson responded to the challenge with,

‘When asked again, “So no chance of a New York debate?” Benenson responded, “I didn’t say that. I said we’re going to see what kind of tone he sets.”’

Clinton’s campaign feels Sanders needs to tone down his approach and not call her out on the facts. This is a very pathetic request and shows the maturity level of Clinton’s campaign. Twitter users have taken this information and spread it all over the internet with the trending tag #ToneDownForWhat, a pun based off of a popular song amongst the younger generations, “Turn Down For What” by Lil Jon.

@BernieSanders tweeted the best video showing Clinton’s hypocrisy with this whole debate challenge,

Twitter users went crazy from there. The tweets surround this whole debate are genius, hilarious, and call Clinton out using a much worse tone than Sanders.

Twitter user @TimBartender tweets,

Tim Black hits the nail on the head with this one. Sanders campaign has been bringing up things Clinton herself has done, he is not defaming Clinton’s character, but simply pointing out Clintons past.

As @Donna_Schafer tweeted,

Clinton’s cry baby antics are less than appealing to American voters and helps bring truth to who the woman behind the campaign really is. Clinton has never had to deal with backlash on her own and anger directed towards her; she simply can’t take it.

@KurtHackbarth says it best with,

America does not need arrogant, entitled dimwits in office. We need someone that will stand for the people and is not afraid to say change needs to happen. There is no accomplishment in sitting back and whining that someone is being a bully, or whining, take a stand! Clinton shows her complete lack of ability to face real problems without making herself out to be the victim

@TheWhirlingGene didn’t take it easy on Clinton and tweeted this,

and @shdwpnther73 is calling out Clinton on the SAME THING she is complaining about, tones.

It is apparent America agrees, by the number of actual votes Sanders is getting compared to those Clinton is getting, it would be best if Clinton dropped out of the race before embarrassing herself further. Clinton doesn’t seem to understand, it’s not the people hat want her, the twisted government wants her money.

@lumpylouise ends it best with,

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