New National Polling Released Shows This Candidate Surging To A Commanding Lead


A recent Fox News poll shows Donald Trump still in the lead with a whopping 41% of likely voters, but another candidate is sneaking up from behind him.

Cruz polled behind Trump by a mere three points, a significant gain from just one month ago.

Cruz’s jump in popularity with likely voters comes despite the #CruzSexScandal that’s made headlines, or perhaps because of it. Ted Cruz has loudly and vociferously blamed Trump for what he calls “garbage” stories of his infidelity planted at the National Enquirer by Trump to hurt Cruz’s chances at the nomination.

‘It is a tabloid smear and it has come from Donald Trump and his henchmen,’ he (Cruz) told reporters.

It certainly seems as though Trump has something to fear from the ideologue Cruz in the primary elections, and some undecided voters or voters who previously supported a candidate who is now out of the race may be shifting to Cruz due to their belief that Trump really is resorting to low-brow tactics in order to discredit the other leading candidate.

For the record, Trump and the National Enquirer were not the first to talk about a sex scandal involving Ted Cruz. Anonymous made threats to expose a sex scandal involving prostitutes days before The National Enquirer fleshed out details involving five women believed to have had affairs with Ted Cruz, one of whom is a Trump spokesperson.

For a candidate like Donald Trump, whose main talking point at rallies and during speeches is his popularity in the polls, this development is coming at the worst possible time. If his popularity and ability to attract new voters has peaked early in the primaries and is quickly declining, his outrageously offensive racist and xenophobic rhetoric, as well as his relentless attacks on other candidates, are sure to increase like wildfire. Is Trump running out of ammunition, particularly if his attempts to discredit Cruz haven’t worked?

For coverage of the Fox News poll, see the video below.



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