BREAKING: Democratic Party Removes Bernie Sanders From Washington D.C. Ballot

Image via The Telegraph

Bernie Sanders just can’t catch a break! It seems the D.C. Democratic Party conveniently forgot to file the paperwork to get Bernie’s name on the Washington D.C. ballot in time. The party was a day late in filing the paperwork with the elections board, which had a March 16th deadline.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Bernie followers in D.C. won’t be able to vote for Sanders. Both Democratic presidential candidates pre-paid the registration fees for the July primary, so it may not take much to get Bernie back on the ballot.

However, it may take an emergency hearing to get Bernie back in the D.C. game.

According to Washington Times:

“DC Democratic Party Chairwoman Anita Bonds told The Washington Times that the party’s primary-plan, which included the paperwork for all candidates, was submitted by 7 p.m. on the 16th. The D.C. Board of Elections offices closes at 4:45 p.m.”

“Ms. Bonds said the extended hours for submission had been permitted. She also said that ‘clarifying legislation’ could be passed by the board or the D.C. City Council soon to resolve any disputes.”

A side issue that will be addressed in a hearing this summer is a private citizen’s challenge that Bernie Sanders is ineligible to even be on the ballot. This is likely just meant to be a distraction, and a poor one at that.

A spokesperson for the Sanders campaign had this to say about the issue on Wednesday:

“We did what the D.C. law requires in order to get Bernie on the ballot and we are confident he will be on the ballot.”

We can only hope this issue is cleared up before the primary, and that Bernie supporters will be able to cast their vote for the person they truly believe will bring the kind of change the country needs. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has not commented on the coincidence, but the party did manage to turn in her information on time.